OverOps + Splunk

Net new machine data provides granular insight in Splunk

Machine Data Beyond Log Files

Complete insight into every error in your applications.

  • Complete variable state, call stack and source code across the stack
  • Last 250 log statements, including DEBUG and INFO
  • Classify events as new/reintroduced and associate to a build
  • Get frequency and failure rate for 100% of errors and exceptions
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One-click access to root cause

OverOps inserts tinylinks into your log files

  • Tinylinks connect Splunk directly to root cause
  • Use OverOps machine data to troubleshoot quickly
  • Ease communication between QA and development
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Cut through the noise

OverOps classifies and streamlines events

  • Deduplicate billions of log events without parsing
  • Identify regressions: correlate to code changes & agile deployment
  • Detect anomalies amongst billions of errors
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Visualize Reliable Software

Integration with Splunk Metrics Dashboard

  • Visualize OverOps data in Splunk
  • Segment views by build, release, application
  • View overall quality by team or individual
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We Work the Way You Work

OverOps integrates with your existing tools, making your CI/CD pipeline 10x smarter