OverOps + Jenkins

Enhance Jenkins With Code Quality Gates for Runtime Errors

Automated Promotion Gates

Never miss out on critical issues

  • Automatically detect new issues and regressions throughout your delivery pipeline.
  • See regression reports directly from Jenkins. Mark your build as unstable and prevent bad code promotion.
  • Direct feedback to the developer through intelligent routing to speed up remediation.
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Automatically Detect Regressions

with Code Analysis and Machine Learning

  • OverOps runs at the JVM level to detect and capture the complete state behind any issue across your delivery pipeline.
  • Anomaly Detection flags new issues and regressions in QA, Staging and Production.
  • Error classification makes it easy to determine the when, where and why the error happened.
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ARC - Automated Root Cause

for any code error with one click

  • Variable state across the entire call stack, 10 levels into the heap.
  • Source code executing at the moment of event.
  • JVM State as well as environment and container.
  • Last 250 of DEBUG and TRACE level statements.
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See the Invisible (and More)

with No Dependency on Developer Foresight


  • Detect 100% of issues, even if unlogged, uncaught or swallowed.
  • Analyze DEBUG-level logs directly from the CLR.
  • Get the complete source code, stack trace and variables for any event with no dependency on whether they were logged.
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We Work the Way You Work

OverOps integrates with your existing tools, making your CI/CD pipeline 10x smarter