For QA Engineers

Block Unreliable Releases

Identify when releases introduce critical issues. Prevent them from being deployed

Block Using Quality Gates

  • Identify critical errors and slowdowns in every release
  • Report on prioritized issues and their cause
  • Block unreliable releases from being deployed
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Inform Teams in Real-Time

  • Jira – populate issues with complete context to reproduce
  • Slack – route every issue to the right developer
  • Dashboards – visualize all critical issues
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Mark O'falherty | Business to consumer IT Director

“OverOps' allows us to drive ‘go-no-go’ decisions, blocking a release if it falls below a quality threshold.”

Compare Releases

  • New errors introduced by the release
  • Increasing errors in volume and rate
  • Code slowdowns from previous versions
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Rank Errors by Most Critical

  • New errors, unhandled and swallowed exceptions
  • Increasing errors in volume and frequency
  • Impact to key applications and transactions
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Low Overhead. Quick Time to Value.

Runtime Code Analysis
Runtime Code Analysis
OverOps analyzes code at runtime with a lightweight micro-agent, powering the world’s most demanding applications
Code Quality Gates
Code Quality Gates
Integrated into testing, CI/CD and pipeline solutions. Block unreliable releases before they’re promoted to UAT and production
Feedback loops
Feedback Loops
Integrated with logs, APM, ticketing, and alerting. Source code, variable state, and operational context for every critical exception.

Integrate into Your Tooling

  • Pipeline & CI/CD – block unreliable releases from being promoted
  • Ticketing & Alerting – deliver the full context to the right developer
  • APM & Logs – reproduce every error or slowdown
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