Continuous Reliability for the
Modern Software Supply Chain

Know when and why code breaks.
Deliver great customer experiences
without compromising on reliability.

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“OverOps turned days of work into minutes”. TripAdvisor

Continuous Reliability - Delivered
OverOps analyzes code in staging and production to automatically detect
and deliver root cause for all errors
- with no dependency on logging.
Software Delivery - The Old Way
The New Way - Automated
Automated Root Cause
Across the Software Lifecycle
Automated Detection
Deploy Fast. Fix Faster.
No more surprises. Get alerted on new
and critical errors in staging and production
via automated
anomaly detection
and machine learning.
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Root Cause Analysis
Source Code

and Variables
ARC AITM analyzes application code
in real-time
to deliver the complete

source code, variables,
DEBUG logs
JVM state behind any error.
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Enterprise Routing
Right Developer.
Right Time.
No more back-and-forth.
Automatically route each issue to the
correct person via
JIRA, Slack,
ServiceNow and more...
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Automated tree
Smarter Logs & APM
See the Cause Behind
Log or APM Error
OverOps directly links your logs and APM
to the complete source code and variables
behind any error or timeout.
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automated verification
Automated Verification
Know When Errors
Fixed an issue? Mark it as resolved.
If it happens again ARC AITM will alert
the right developer it has resurfaced
and deliver its root cause.
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automated verification
Seamless Integration
into Your Workflow
Low Overhead.
Quick Time to Value.
No change to code or build
Runs as a lightweight native
agent between the JVM
and processor.
< 3% Throughput / CPU
Built for the world's most
demanding production
< 100 Mb network
Traffic per hour.
Zero impact on Garbage
“I haven’t come across any tool
that can give our team the
wealth of
information for each issue like
OverOps can”
Sumit Nagal
Principal Engineer in Quality, Intuit