“OverOps turned days of work into minutes. Short of attaching a debugger in production, OverOps is the next best thing.”
“OverOps helped turn days of work into minutes, quickly identifying the root cause of different errors.”
“Using OverOps, you can see exactly what was the state of each variable during each exception to practically debug your production environment”
“Some problems are very hard to debug even if you have logs. With OverOps we have all of the information we need.”
“OverOps immediately showed us errors we didn’t know existed, helping us make our application far more stable.”
“OverOps is, by far and away one of the most beneficial tools we use.”
“OverOps improved our development team productivity by 70% by giving us the root cause to every error.”
“OverOps was like an x-ray machine allowing us to instantly identify the root causes of otherwise obscure failures.”
“OverOps helps us gain more insight and information about the state of the application when critical errors are thrown in production.”
“OverOps lets us pinpoint the exact location of the user and the values that were sent in a specific transaction, seeing the root cause and fixing the error within minutes.”
“Without OverOps, finding those edge cases often takes weeks or waiting for the problem to occur again, but with OverOps, we can solve problems in hours instead.”
“OverOps is the only service that allows us to see the full context of an exception as if we are debugging production in real time.”
“OverOps provides us with deep insights to where and why application errors occur.”
“Without OverOps we would have missed this error as the exception didn’t happen frequently enough for us to notice it in our logs.”
“In its first week OverOps managed to detect and help our team resolve payment failures which had existed in our production environment for months.”
“OverOps gives us confidence when deploying new code to production.”
“OverOps goes very deep in the JVM and gives you information no other tool is able to.”
“OverOps gives Reporty the ability to pinpoint the failure location with full visibility of the cause.”
“Most of the time our customers or users complained about systems problems, so in fact we were not proactive. Now we use OverOps on a regular basis.”
“OverOps fills a key space alongside New Relic due to its distinct ability to pinpoint where and how issues occur.”

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