Stay Ahead with OverOps

Reliable software is the lifeblood of the hi-tech industry. OverOps helps you stop critical exceptions before customers are impacted.

Leading Edge

Software and other high-tech companies set the pace for the world’s innovation. Those companies innovate with high agility, whether as lean start-ups or at scale as major tech vendors. They intrinsically cannot afford to fail due to software reliability issues.  

Companies like Plantronics, Intuit, Fuze, and Vivint are solving this challenge with OverOps to ensure that their customer-facing applications are reliable and feature-rich to compete in today’s competitive landscape.

OverOps helps engineering teams to instantly identify precisely why a backend application breaks, to prioritize the exceptions that matter, and to quickly resolve the problem with the code-level context needed before customers are impacted.


Sumit Nagal | Principal Engineer in Quality at Intuit

“I haven’t come across any tool that can give our team the wealth of information for each issue like OverOps can.”

The Fastest Way to Why.

Runtime Code Analysis
70% MTTR Reduction
Reproduce production issues fast and ensure the customer does not get impacted.
Code Quality Gates
80% Fewer Escaped Defects
Improve quality by detecting critical and unknown defects early and prevent them from reaching your customers.
Feedback loops
10X Improved Productivity
Stop wasting time troubleshooting in test and production, and instead spend that precious time innovating.

Quickly, easily integrate into Your Tooling

  • Pipeline & CI/CD – block unreliable releases from being promoted
  • Ticketing & Alerting – deliver the full context to the right developer
  • APM & Logs – reproduce every error or slowdown
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