Know When and Why Code Breaks

  • Identify critical anomalies in test and production.
  • Automatically prioritize issues in real-time, based on their severity.
  • Know when critical issues are introduced and fix them before your customers notice.
Identify Issues Quickly

Fix the Issues That Matter Most

  • Get an objective score for every release to evaluate code reliability across the entire software delivery life cycle.
  • Prioritize issues based on their impact to focus which one needs to be addressed first.
  • Track quality trends daily to assess overall reliability of each sprint.
Start Prioritizing Issues

Stop Promoting
Bad Code

  • Get a score for every release based on severe new issues and regressions.
  • Integrate with Jenkins to determine if a release is OverOps Certified and can be pushed to production.
  • See regression reports directly from Jenkins. Mark your build as unstable and prevent bad code promotion.
Stop Bad Code

Resolve Issues
Customers Complain

  • See a complete picture of the code at the time of the anomaly.
  • Get the source code, variables, DEBUG logs and environment statefor every bottleneck and exception.
  • Reproduce and fix issues in pre-prod and production in seconds.
Get to the True Root Cause
Integrates Seamlessly
Over 100 Technologies
Consume the Data
Through Your Existing Platforms
View All Integrations
“I haven’t come across any tool
that can give our team the
wealth of
information for each issue like
OverOps can”
Sumit Nagal
Principal Engineer in Quality, Intuit
Low Overhead. Enterprise Security.