Proactive Detection.
Fast Resolution. Happy Users.

OverOps operates between the JVM and processor to transform application events from unstructured logs into actionable analytics and root cause analysis.

An MRI for Your Code
Detect all new, uncaught and swallowed errors in your application, regardless of how they were logged.
Confident Delivery
See when continuous deployments introduce new errors - before your users do.
Anomaly Detection
Know when critical errors exceed dynamic baselines via automated machine learning.

ARC - It's All About the "Why"

Automated Root Cause (ARC) analysis delivers the full source code, variables, JVM state and DEBUG logs behind every critical error.

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One Click, One Screen to Root Cause

OverOps links any error or timeout in your Logs or APM to the complete source code and variable state behind it.

Works seamlessly with Splunk, ELK, AppDynamics, New Relic, Dynatrace, Jenkins and more.

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Power to the (DevOps) People

See the Root Cause Through the Tools You Love

Jira Issues link directly to their root cause, making any issue fully reproducible.

Alert Devs via Slack and HipChat chatbots to take action on emerging issues - before users are impacted.

Alert Ops on critical events and thresholds via ServiceNow,PagerDuty, Webhooks and more.

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Anomaly Detection - Expect the Unexpected

Real-time Streaming into any ops dashboard or time series database.

Visualize and Correlate OverOps data in Graphite, Grafana, DataDog and more.

Machine Learning and custom algorithmic anomaly detection in Java, Python and Go.

Integrates with:

Low Overhead. Quick Time to Value.

No Change to Code or Build

A native micro-agent operates between the JVM and processor.

< 3% Throughput / CPU

Runs in the world's most demanding environments.

< 100 Mb Network per Hour

No dependancy on logs.
Streams directly from the JVM.

Enterprise Security.
SaaS and On-Premises

SaaS or On-Premises. Run on the OverOps AWS infrastructure or deploy fully behind your firewall.

PII Redaction based on dynamic pattern analysis and code symbology.

AES Encryption of all data via privately generated 256-bit keys.

Access controls via SAML, OAuth, Kerberos, OKTA, GitHub and Google.

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“We use OverOps to monitor our flagship X1 XFINITY platform. We deploy a new version on a weekly basis, so we have to stay on top of every critical error" - John McCann, Executive Director

Installs in minutes

No code or build changes.