OverOps Resolve

Know Why Code Breaks

See the complete source code, variables, DEBUG logs and environment state behind any error or slowdown

Reproduce Every Issue

  • Exact state of the code across the entire call stack
  • Code variables and objects – 10 levels deep into the heap
  • Source decompiled or pulled from repo automatically
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automated root cause analysis screen

DEBUG Logs in Production

  • 250 lines of DEBUG-level logging for any error
  • No Disk IO – captured directly from the JVM/CLR
  • High verbosity logging without incurring Splunk cost
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debug log files

Inspect Process + Container

  • CPU, Heap and IO stats at moment of event
  • Threads – active, blocking and terminated
  • Environment state of host / container
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application environment state

Understand Any Log Error

  • Log Links provide complete variable state for any error
  • Deduplication – see when each error began and its rate
  • Automatic – works with Splunk, ELK and more
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Low Overhead. Quick Time to Value.

Runtime Code Analysis
Runtime Code Analysis
OverOps analyzes code at runtime with a lightweight micro-agent, powering the world’s most demanding applications
Code Quality Gates
Code Quality Gates
Integrated into testing, CI/CD and pipeline solutions. Block unreliable releases before they’re promoted to UAT and production
Feedback loops
Feedback Loops
Integrated with logs, APM, ticketing, and alerting. Source code, variable state, and operational context for every critical error.

Integrate into Your Tooling

  • Pipeline & CI/CD – block unreliable releases from being promoted
  • Ticketing & Alerting – deliver the full context to the right developer
  • APM & Logs – reproduce every error or slowdown
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