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How Intuit Engineers Manage to Meet Product Deadlines with Time to Spare

OverOps helps Intuit’s engineers innovate quickly without compromising on the quality of their products


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  • OverOps helps Intuit speed up development time and meet product launch dates with time to spare.
  • With OverOps, Intuit can detect errors and exceptions before they affect their customers.
  • Intuit’s development team can dedicate more time to advancing the product roadmap.
  • OverOps improves Intuit’s application reliability and helps the team provide an outstanding user experience.
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Sumit Nagal

Principal Engineer in Quality

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About the team:

Our team is responsible for Small Business Group Quality in Intuit’s flagship product. It’s one of the biggest business units in the company, and our goal is to improve velocity and productivity for every engineer to allow faster release cycles. We’re running thousands of machines both in production and pre-production environments, that keeps on growing according to our needs.


Key challenges and pain points:

Some of our environments are old, running monolith modules and legacy code that’s hard to maintain. We often find ourselves dealing with issues occurring in those environments, and we’re not able prevent them before they affect users.

“I haven’t come across any tool that can give our team the wealth of information for each issue like OverOps can”

Our main method of detecting errors was through logs, along with some functional tests that we’ve written. Even if we did find the issues within the logs, some of them were not reproducible. Finding, reproducing and solving issues within these areas is a real challenge.

Example problem that OverOps helped you solve:

We’ve encountered an issue where critical exceptions kept recurring and we couldn’t find what was causing them. We could think of at least a 100 different reasons for them to be thrown, and investigating the error with logs and APM didn’t make sense.

How did OverOps help you solve this issue?

One look at the OverOps dashboard showed us that particular exception, along with the variables that caused it. OverOps immediately identified the exception’s cause, when APM tools and log files were no help.

OverOps improved our development team’s productivity significantly by giving us the root cause to errors.

How are you integrating OverOps with your daily workflow?

We use OverOps email alerts to get real-time notifications whenever an issue occurs. We can now see the errors and exceptions that are thrown, get the variables and values assigned to each one and identify the root cause in less than 20 minutes.

“OverOps improves our application’s reliability and helps us provide an outstanding user experience.”

We use OverOps across multiple environments, including QA, pre-production and staging so that we can detect an error before it impacts the user. This improves our application’s reliability and helps us provide an outstanding user experience.