Our Data is Different. Our People are Different.

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When we say we’re building the impossible, we mean it. Our founders are engineers themselves who felt the pain of scouring log files personally. They knew there had to be a better way to track down issues with their applications at the source by leveraging the data of the application itself — something no one else had done. They set out to make that vision a reality. That vision is OverOps, and it’s time for you to join us on this amazing journey.

More than benefits and perks.

(Although we have those too — we have a variety of benefits and perks to keep our people happy, healthy + productive!)

Our Sum is Greater than our Parts.

We’re team-minded and look to elevate those around us.

We do Great Work.

We take great pride in the work we do and don’t settle for good.

We Leave our Egos Behind.

We’re humble and seek out feedback. We own our outcomes.

We have a globally-distributed workforce made up of people that are the best at what they do. We both celebrate our differences and are united by one vision and core set of values.

If you’re looking to solve real problems at enterprise-scale, we’re looking for you

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People are talking.

"We are a relatively small group here in Tel-Aviv, and we enjoy spending time with each other. That means that we eat lunch together everyday, as well as collaborate and hang out past work hours. These include game-nights, movie-nights or just beer-drinking nights. Some might consider us a family"

Noam Matalon, Head of Application Development

“This team has spent the recent past gearing up for expansion, and it clearly shows. The company is well organized, systematic, and has a great management team in in place. Employees are an essential part of the team, and they treat you that way”

Anonymous Senior Solutions Engineer

"We’ve got a group of committed professionals who work very hard. Every one of them is committed to OUR success. Everyone is competent and everyone is driving for OverOps to win."

Gavin Cummings, Customer Success Manager

"Solid product that is dramatically improving how companies deliver software. Great management team with previous experience in making early stage companies successful. Engineering team is rock solid."

Anonymous, Regional Sales Director