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Banking on OverOps

The financial services industry has undergone a digital transformation, with new challengers entering the race, raising the bar for innovation.

Deliver Innovation Faster Without Compromising Quality

Development teams are being challenged to innovate at the speed of an agile FinServ startup, yet at the scale of a major bank. As such, banks are encountering a myriad of software reliability issues – often in mission-critical payment applications – leading to catastrophic, headline-making outages, which can be devastating. 

Many financial institutions are solving this challenge with OverOps to ensure that their mission-critical apps are reliable and feature-rich to compete in today’s competitive landscape

OverOps helps engineering teams prioritize the errors that matter and arms them with the code-level context needed to resolve them quickly before customers are impacted.

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Eric Chijioke | CTO, Paga Mobile Payments

"Using OverOps we were able to reduce time spent troubleshooting production errors by 50%, which freed up our team to work on product innovation."

Low Overhead. Quick Time to Value.

Runtime Code Analysis
Runtime Code Analysis
OverOps analyzes code at runtime with a lightweight micro-agent, powering the world’s most demanding applications
Code Quality Gates
Code Quality Gates
Integrated into testing, CI/CD and pipeline solutions. Block unreliable releases before they’re promoted to UAT and production
Feedback loops
Feedback Loops
Integrated with logs, APM, ticketing, and alerting. Source code, variable state, and operational context for every critical exception.

Integrate into Your Tooling

  • Pipeline & CI/CD – block unreliable releases from being promoted
  • Ticketing & Alerting – deliver the full context to the right developer
  • APM & Logs – reproduce every error or slowdown
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