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Top 5 U.S. Bank Reduced Time to Identify & Resolve New Errors By 90% Using OverOps








  • The bank uses OverOps to identify and deduplicate issues within a PCI Level 1-compliant environment
  • OverOps is now a critical component in the bank’s digital channels strategy, installed in its main consumer portal
  • OverOps enables the bank to take a proactive approach to error resolution process, without relying on foresight
  • OverOps helps engineering teams focus on building and out-innovating their competitors, instead of troubleshooting
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One of the top 5 banks in the United States, which provides various financial services worldwide
such as corporate strategy and structure advisory, capital raising, prime brokerage and research,
risk management and more.


The Challenge

Being on the cutting edge of banking technology while providing customers with a seamless digital experience is not simple. Millions of users have come to rely on this innovative suite of banking solutions and issues in production are extremely critical and with a wide variety of less-than-ideal outcomes for us and our customers; from blocking access to accounts and funds, to failed transactions or insufficient funds in the account.


identifying and preventing issues tends to be complex due to the sensitive information banking applications hold, as well as working in a PCI Level 1-compliant environment. Limited visibility into the code’s runtime behavior in pre-production and production means that Ops and Dev teams spend a lot of time trying to diagnose issues.


The bank allocated a significant portion of their workforce to troubleshoot issues that directly impacted customers, a process that involved manually searching through log and APM tools to determine the root cause. As a result, the bank had to invest heavily in expanding their engineering and QA teams to keep up with new feature development, aggressive roadmap deadlines and customer expectations.


The Solution

OverOps gives a complete quality overview across the bank’s applications and environments, allowing Ops and Dev teams to take a proactive approach before it impacts customers. Ops, Dev and team leads can subscribe to real-time notifications to see the status and impact of deployments, or use the OverOps dashboard to get application error metrics and see the overall quality of deployment.

“OverOps removed the risk of breaking in production, so now we can innovate faster and release more frequent updates”

OverOps automates automatic root cause analysis, capturing the required context to deduplicate and resolve any issue. Teams can pinpoint errors within a specific environment, application, LPAR, instance and version by having visibility into the full source code, variable state, stack as well as DEBUG/TRACE log level – even if they were not caught by a log analyzer.


By cutting down troubleshooting time by 90%, the bank is able to focus on its product roadmap, work on innovative new features and improve the workflow instead of wasting their time sifting through log files to troubleshoot issues In return, existing tools get enhanced value, the number of customers reporting incidents have been reduced, and overall customer satisfaction has increased.


How are you integrating OverOps with your daily workflow?

OverOps is now a critical component in the bank’s digital channels strategy, installed in its main consumer portal, as well as integrated into the bank’s current CI/CD workflow, working with existing log and APM tools to provide the visibility needed to solve issues. OverOps offers automated, real-time identification and classification of new, resurfaced, uncaught and  swallowed issues, in both pre-production and production.


This helps reduce the time it takes to identify critical issues in production; a process that could take up to a few days, weeks or not be accomplished at all, now only takes a few hours to resolve.