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How Paga Reduced Time Spent Troubleshooting Errors by 50%

OverOps helps Paga provide reliable mobile payments
to millions of customers






  • Reduced time spent troubleshooting errors by 50%
  • Improved developer productivity
  • Payment failures were quickly detected and resolved
Key Integrations
Eric Chijioke


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Paga offers mobile payment services that enable users in under-resourced countries to send cash, purchase airtime credit and pay bills. Serving over 16M customers in Nigeria and Mexico, Paga was founded on the simple belief that digital technology can be leveraged to build an ecosystem that enables people to digitally send and receive money, offering financial access for all.


The Challenge:

Many users in emerging markets like Nigeria and Mexico have come to rely on Paga’s unique suite of banking solutions for payments and transactions where there are limited in-market alternatives. Because of this, it is extremely critical to quickly resolve any production issues as a wide variety of less-than-ideal outcomes can occur – from blocking access to accounts and funds, to failed transactions or inability to pay bills.

For Paga, limited visibility into their code’s runtime behavior in production meant that Ops and Dev teams were spending over 20% of their time diagnosing production issues.

Additionally, Paga’s plans to enhance, modernize and scale their applications meant that they needed an automated solution for root cause analysis for exceptions and anomalies within both production, and pre-production environments.

Also, enhancing user experience is paramount with Paga. Tracking application health and reliability over time corporate directives to enhance the user experience.

Key challenges for Paga included the following:

  • 20% of development time spent troubleshooting production issues
  • Missing data needed for root cause analysis of exceptions in pre-prod
  • No insight into application health and reliability over time


“OverOps reduces the maintenance to development time ratio so developers can focus on improving the user experience instead of troubleshooting errors.” Eric Chijioke, CTO


The Solution

Paga quickly turned to OverOps to help them resolve these challenges. With the ability to be non-invasive, performant, and easy to use, OverOps enabled Paga’s teams to reduce time spent on production issues from 20% to 10%.

“Using OverOps we were able to reduce time spent troubleshooting production errors by 50%, which freed up our team to work on product innovation.”

OverOps gives a complete quality overview across all of Paga’s applications and environments, allowing IT Ops and development teams to take a proactive approach to addressing errors before they impact customers. IT Ops and development team leads receive real-time alerts to see the status and impact of deployments.

OverOps automates root cause analysis, capturing the required context to resolve issues, reducing Paga’s reliance on log analyzers.

By reducing troubleshooting time by 50%, OverOps helped Paga free up their dev teams to work on innovative new features and improve their workflows.


How are you integrating OverOps within your workflow?

OverOps is our daily go-to application to debug and find the root cause for production errors. It works with our existing logs to provide the visibility needed to solve issues in both production and pre-production environments.

OverOps offers Paga automated, real-time identification and classification of new, resurfaced, and swallowed exceptions that are missed by other tools.