Identify Critical Anomalies
Across Billions of Events
  • Automatically deduplicate billions
    of events into
    intelligent analytics.
  • Classify each issue according to when and where it
    was introduced, and its rate.
  • Use machine learning to apply smart thresholds.
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anomaly detection
reliability report
Know the Quality of Every Release
  • Get a score for your
    deployments, microservices
    infrastructure tiers. Tackle issues before they become outages.
  • See new errors in every release or deployment.
  • Detect regressions in response times and failure rates.
  • Identify slowdowns between releases.
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Get to True Root Cause in Seconds
  • Understand where, when and why an issue happened.
    See the location of an issue the minute it happens.
  • Get the source code and variable state at the
    moment of error.
  • Identify who is accountable for
    each issue introduced
    or regressed.
  • Integrate with JIRA to route issues to the proper
    owner of an event.
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true root cause
Low Overhead. Quick Time to Value.
No Change to Code / Build
No Change to Code / Build
Runs as a lightweight native Java agent that operates between the JVM and the processor.
Deploy on Any Architecture
Deploy on Any Architecture
Made for SaaS, On-Prem Data or On-Premises infrastructure.
< 3% Throughput  / CPU
< 3% Throughput / CPU
Built for the world's most demanding production environments.
Seamless Integration into your Workflow
“I haven’t come across any tool that can give our team the wealth of information for each issue like OverOps can”
Sumit Nagal
Principal Engineer in Quality, Intuit
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Low overhead. Enterprise Security.