OverOps Resolve
Fix Every Issue Before Your Customers Notice
Provide developers with True Root Cause for every issue.
Get complete variables and data across the entire stack.
root True Root Cause
True Root Cause with ARC AI™
See the complete source code and variable state behind any error or slowdown in
pre-prod and production.
Drill into every object up to 10 levels into the heap.
See the complete environment state of the JVM at the moment of every event.
DEBUG-Level Logs
View the last 250 DEBUG and TRACE-level log statements.
No need to search through log data or increase log verbosity.
Get source code and variable state across the
 call stack.

Complete Environment State

See the complete state of the OS, containers and JVM at the moment of error or slowdown.
See env variables, GC, CPU and RAM at the moment of the event.
Quickly understand whether an issue is programmatic or operational.
Log Enrichment
One Click from Log to True Root Cause
See the cause behind every error, exception and warning within your logs with a single click.
Root Cause links point you to the complete source code, variable and environment state behind any error.
See DEBUG-level log statements in production without increasing log verbosity.
APM Smart Insights
Your APM Just Got 10x Smarter
Reproduce every error and exception within your APM with a single click.
Embedded Root Cause links point you to the complete source code and variables behind any error.
See the complete reason behind any bottleneck directly from AppDynamics.
“I haven’t come across any tool that can give our team the wealth of information for each issue like OverOps can”
Sumit Nagal Principal Engineer in Quality, Intuit
Low Overhead. Enterprise Security.