Overops prevent
Never Promote Bad Code Again
Prevent poor quality code from being deployed to production. Integrate with Jenkins to ensure faulty releases never get shipped.
Release Certification
Certify Every Release
Score each deployment to know whether or not it is safe to promote.
Automatically detect severe new issues, slowdowns and increasing errors to know when to stop a release from going into production.
Quality Gates
Gate Critical Errors
Detect all new errors introduced within a release.
See each error's origin and cause.
Severity is automatically assigned to each issue via AI.
Identify Regressions
See when existing errors resurface or increase in volume.
Machine learning compares each error to its unique baseline.
Seasonality analysis prevents false positives.
Manage Errors Budget
Set a budget for total amount of errors allowed per build.
Compare each build to the previous one for volume and rate.
Automatically mark CI/CD builds as unstable.
Identify Slowdowns
Analyze slowdowns and prioritize those with critical impact.
Jump directly to the complete source code, variable and environment state behind each slowdown with True Root Cause.
See every transaction and thread within your code measured and compared against its baseline.
Actionable Alerting
Don’t Wait For Customers
Flag new issues and regressions in pre-prod and production.
Jira integration delivers rich context directly to the right developer.
See which issues are addressed, and when, with meaningful feedback loops.
“I haven’t come across any tool that can give our team the wealth of information for each issue like OverOps can”
Sumit Nagal Principal Engineer in Quality, Intuit
Low Overhead. Enterprise Security.