OverOps Identify
Know When and Why Code Breaks
Identify all critical and unknown issues in monoliths and microservices - even those not detected by APMs and logs
Anomaly Detection
Identify Critical Anomalies in Test and Production
Spot new issues from billions of events in both monolith and microservices.
Identify increasing errors before they cause Sev1s.
Detect slowdowns in pre-prod and production.
Prioritize Issues in Real-Time with AI
OverOps automatically prioritizes all issues based on severity, so your team can focus on the issues that matter the most:
New errors
Increasing errors
Customer Impact? Fix it Fast
Know when new releases introduce critical errors.
See change in response times and error spikes before they impact customers.
Jump directly to root cause analysis.
Risk Assessment
Identify Unstable Releases
Identify patterns via machine learning to better anticipate issues and ensure safe code promotion.
Spot regressions across microservices and monoliths. Score deployments based on predefined thresholds to ensure safe code promotion.
Risk Assessment reports enable you to tackle issues before they become outages.
Evaluate Reliability Trends
Understand weaknesses across releases, applications and teams to gauge overall code quality.
Flag severe errors to mark unstable builds.
Evaluate the reliability of your applications over time using Reliability Trends.
“I haven’t come across any tool that can give our team the wealth of information for each issue like OverOps can”
Sumit Nagal Principal Engineer in Quality, Intuit
Low Overhead. Enterprise Security.