OverOps Integrations

Seamless integration with your existing workflow


Report to JIRA with a single click

Open a JIRA issue for any error, with a link to the
stack, code and variables that caused it.

  • Create, classify and assign JIRA issues directly from the OverOps UI.
  • Set rules to automatically open issues by error type or error location.
  • One-click integration. No configuration required.


Receive real-time error alerts

Know immediately when code fails in production. Receive the
full stack, code and variable state of errors in real-time.

  • Use powerful filters to get actionable alerts and avoid noise.
  • View full source code, stack and variable state immediately, with one click.
  • Receive real-time alerts via email, ChatOps, Slack, HipChat, JIRA or PagerDuty.


Dev ❤ Ops

Collaborate across teams. Share insights in real-time.

  • Let Operations share the real root cause with Development.
  • Get exact occurrence and failure rate stats and trends in real-time.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Graphite, Grafana, Nagios,
    Zabbix, PagerDuty, New Relic, AppDynamics, DataDog
    and more. Learn more.

Installs in minutes

Runs as a simple Java agent.

No code or build changes.

Linux, OS X, and Win. Java 6-8.

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Java / Scala