What is OverOps? OverOps Engineers Answer.

 ● 23rd Jun 2021

1 min read

Three OverOps engineers answer the question, “What is OverOps?”

OverOps automates issue root-cause analysis at run-time, eliminating the detective work of scanning logs to identify critical errors. OverOps quickly pinpoints why critical issues arose with context-rich insight into complex backend Java and .NET environments. No code changes are required.

OverOps identifies the precise line of code and associated variables, whether in pre-prod or production. Therefore issue resolution may be done as part of the development process. Crucially OverOps is easy to try and use, plugs into your CI/CD, and automates the feedback loop with other observability tools.

All this empowers engineering teams to maximize quality and development velocity.

GETTING STARTED If you would like to see how OverOps can work for your Java or .NET app, you can:

  • Schedule a demo with a technical expert
  • See OverOps in action with this 1-minute guided tour
  • Sign up for a 14-day free trial
  • Register for a free application reliability report for your Java or .NET app

Get started with any of these options here: https://www.overops.com/get-started/

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Troubleshooting Apache Spark Applications with OverOps

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