OverOps Partners with CloudBees to Power the Continuous Economy

 ● 29th Apr 2020

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OverOps has joined the CloudBees Technical Alliance Partner Program (TAPP) to help the global CloudBees and Jenkins communities deliver on the promise of speed and reliability.

We’re thrilled to share that we recently joined the CloudBees Technical Alliance Partner Program (TAPP), an ecosystem of leading vendors across the software delivery life cycle that are committed to supporting the global Jenkins and CloudBees communities. 

Responding to the growing need to detect code-level issues earlier in the software release cycle, OverOps’ new partnership with CloudBees extends our existing integration with Jenkins to empower organizations to shift left in their approach to software quality. By joining TAPP, OverOps will help CloudBees users balance speed and stability across the CI/CD pipeline and ensure reliability in their mission critical applications. 

Continuous Reliability: The Missing Piece in CI/CD

Organizations are under unprecedented pressure to deliver innovative digital experiences faster, and CI/CD solutions like those that CloudBees offers have become critical to accelerating software development and delivery to meet this demand. However, as release velocity increases, so does the risk to code quality. 

Continuous reliability (CR) has emerged as the missing piece in the CI/CD pipeline. CR helps prevent rapid code changes from impacting the customer through the combination of code quality gates, contextual feedback loops and observability. Continuous reliability is the difference between hoping your code will work in production to knowing it will.

TAPP Into the Power of OverOps and CloudBees

The OverOps continuous reliability plugin for CloudBees CI (formerly CloudBees Core) helps organizations take a proactive approach to code quality within the CI pipeline. OverOps analyzes code at runtime to identify all new, increasing, resurfaced and critical errors in a release – even those missed by test automation. 

From there, the OverOps solution generates a code quality report that takes into account all severe issues with the potential to impact end users and application functionality. OverOps quality gates help determine if code is safe to promote, and automatically block unstable releases from moving forward to production. Issues are then routed back to the right developer to resolve using OverOps event analysis, eliminating finger pointing between Dev and QA.

Our newly upgraded OverOps plugin for CloudBees CI offers a streamlined user experience that simplifies the process of reviewing and addressing critical issues. Building on the existing OverOps Quality Report, the integration now provides a high-level snapshot that summarizes the most pressing issues and lets users see at-a-glance which quality gates failed. They can then drill into the specific errors and event analysis directly from the summary. 

To learn more about our new partnership, join us at CloudBees Connect Virtual Summit on May 19, or sign up to attend our joint webinar on May 3rd at 11AM PT where we’ll show you how to insert code quality gates into your pipeline. You can also check out our Jenkins plugin in action in this 2 minute demo video.

Nicole is a communications and product marketing manager at OverOps. Her expertise includes technologies ranging from artificial intelligence and predictive analysis to DevOps, incident management and more.

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