Don’t Miss These 7 Talks for Software Architects at QCon New York

 ● 25th Jun 2017

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Are you finalizing your schedule for QCon New York? Be sure to add these great talks for software architects.

We’ve been preparing for QCon New York for months, and finally it’s just around the corner! It’s one of the leading professional conferences for software architects, developers, and technical team leads to learn about the latest technologies.
There will be 3 packed days of sessions from industry leaders followed by 2 days of workshops. Selecting the best talks from the many that are being offered may be overwhelming, so if you’re looking for some help check out these seven talks that we’re especially excited to highlight.

1. Managing Data in Microservices with Randy Shoup

Randy Shoup has 25 years of experience working in Silicon Valley. He is currently the VP Engineering at Stitch Fix and previously worked at eBay and Google.
This session will begin by covering prerequisites for being successful with microservices, as well as the processes and culture that supports them. Randy will spend the majority of his time discussing data management practices. Specifically, “[the session] covers the need to isolate a microservice’s data store behind the service interface, as well as the various persistence mechanisms for managing data.
“It discusses using events as a first-class tool in our architectural toolbox. It covers techniques for service extraction from a monolithic database. Then it composes those building blocks to build up patterns for handling shared data, joins, and transactions in a microservice world.
It concludes with lessons learned, as well as suggestions for how you can implement these ideas successfully in your own organization.”
Location: Broadway Ballroom North Center, 6th fl
Date: Monday, June 26th
Time: 10:35AM

2. Development Metrics You Should Use but Don’t With Cat Swetel

Cat Swetel has worked with several Fortune 100 companies as an Agile Methods Coach. She specializes in helping large technology corporations increase their agility and adaptability.
In this talk, Cat will discuss the reasoning and process behind using value-driven metrics, rather than relying on gut feelings or guesses, to better understand your organization’s success. She will cover new techniques for visualizing each team’s reliability and variability of delivery.
“While this session won’t teach you to eliminate uncertainty or allow you to see the future, it will provide you with tools to explore and chart a reasonable course through the inherent ambiguity of knowledge work.”
Location: Majestic Complex, 6th fl
Date: Monday, June 26th
Time: 1:40PM

3. How Comcast Automates Deployments with John McCann

John McCann is the Executive Director of Product Engineering at Comcast and is the engineering leader responsible for the development of Comcast’s flagship video product, the X1 Platform. He has more than 15 years of experience in software engineering and the tech industry.
John and his team at Comcast know that, “Continuous Delivery doesn’t end with automated deployments.” When new code is being released to production as frequently as once every week or two, sifting through log files to find and resolve minor bugs and glitches just doesn’t make sense.
In his talk, John will be discussing the automated error resolution strategy that was introduced to the X1 Platform for XFINITY TV and he will share “automated workflows that his teams are using to resolve errors the minute they appear.”
We are especially excited about this talk because John will, more specifically, be sharing how they’ve made the X1 Platform more reliable for their users since they started using OverOps. We will also have a booth in the exhibition hall (booth #8) during the conference and we’ll be happy to meet all of you there. When you stop by, make sure to enter our raffle for a Lego Deathstar that we’ll be giving away to one lucky winner during the conference!
Location: Shubert – Uris, 6th fl
Date: Tuesday, June 27th
Time: 1:40PM

4. What Does Speed Mean in Software Product Delivery? With Jason Yip

Jason Yip is currently an Agile Coach at Spotify NYC. He also has previous experience working at ThoughtWorks and CruiseControl.
Jason looks at speed in software product delivery in two parts–the user experience of delivery feeling slow or fast, and the delivery actually being slow or fast. To explain the difference he notes that, “it is soul-crushing when delivery feels slow; it is business-crushing when delivery is actually slow.”
In his talk, he will explain his way of thinking about “high velocity” delivery and he will cover specific examples of these concepts and practices that he experienced at ThoughtWorks and Spotify.
Location: Majestic Complex, 6th fl
Date: Monday, June 26th
Time: 4:10PM

5. Migrating Speedment to Java 9 with Dan Lawesson

Dan Lawesson has more than 20 years of experience in Java and is the Chief Security Officer (CSO) at Speedment. He is also the author of several popular articles published on DZone and JavaCodeGeeks.
The modularization of the JDK in Java 9 has delayed its expected General Availability many times, but it’s been feature complete since the end of May 2016 and some developers have already started working with the Early Access Release.
In his talk, Lawesson will share what he and his team learned as they worked to migrate their Java 8 application to Java 9 focusing on two key areas, memory management and package dependencies. He will look at specific examples and the learning opportunities that came with adapting an existing application to the stricter Java 9 modularization.
Location: Broadway Ballroom South Center, 6th fl
Date: Monday, June 26th
Time: 5:25PM

6. Removing Friction In the Developer Experience with Adrian Trenaman

Adrian Trenaman has more than 20 years of experience leading teams of engineers across Europe, the US, and Asia. He is currently the SVP Engineering at HBC Digital and leads the engineering and infrastructure teams for Gilt in New York and Dublin.
This session will focus on the different ways that friction can slow down the development process despite an engineering organization’s best efforts. In his talk, Trenaman will cover the ways in which his team has reduced friction by applying a blend of microservice and serverless architectures, continuous deployment, and cloud technology. These practices make it easier to push code swiftly and with higher frequency as in a CI/CD environment.
Location: Majestic Complex, 6th fl
Date: Tuesday, June 27th
Time: 10:35AM

7. Microservices and Response Time Behavior with Gil Tene

Gil Tene is the CTO and co-founder of Azul Systems. He has been involved with virtual machine and runtime technologies for the past 25 years.
Understanding an application’s responsiveness is important, and when dealing with microservices, it becomes much more complicated to “manage, model, monitor, and think about” responsiveness.
In this talk, Gil Tene will discuss Response Time measurement, characterization, and monitoring concerns that are specific to microservices. Along with discussing the challenges that common monitoring, management, and modeling techniques present, and where intuition will often fail us, we will touch on some good practices for real world management of microservice responsiveness.”
Location: Shubert – Uris, 6th fl
Date: Wednesday, June 28th
Time: 10:35AM

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to look forward to at QCon New York. There will be 3 days of sessions with speakers coming from companies like Gilt, Slack, and Spotify. Following the conference there will be 2 additional days of workshops for those who are interested.
With everything that the conference has to offer, it’s hard to imagine not having a meaningful experience. These 7 talks are just a handful that we wanted to highlight, but there are many more to look forward to. Do you have other sessions that you’re especially excited about? Please let us know in the comments section below!

Tali is a content manager at OverOps covering topics related to software monitoring challenges. She has a degree in theoretical mathematics, and in her free time, she enjoys drawing, practicing yoga and spending time with animals.

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