Why OverOps?

OverOps tells you when and why applications break.
Solve critical issues, save time and reduce development costs.

How do you know when applications break today?

(hint: customers calling you is not a good answer).

Modern applications and DevOps environments are in constant flux. When critical errors occur they can lie dormant in logs until your users are impacted. In staging or production, it’s critical to act quickly on emerging issues before they escalate.

How OverOps helps? OverOps captures information about errors directly from your JVM, without relying on logs. Critical alerts are delivered through integrations with over 20 monitoring tools such as Graphite, PagerDuty, Nagios, Zabbix and more.

How do you get to the root cause?

(if you're sifting through logs we feel for you).

The key to solving errors is capturing the code and state that caused them. With bloated logs containing scant data and considerable overhead, getting actionable information about the root cause of errors is costly in both developer time and infrastructure overhead.

How OverOps helps? OverOps detects when errors are introduced or increase at the JVM-evel, and captures the deep state and metrics your team needs to solve them.

How much is this costing you?

(hint #2: way more than you think).

Each time production errors are detected late, you pay a triple fine:

1). Impacted users. From lost business to strained relationships with customers, when users end up playing QA your business suffers. And when your code is at the heart of your organization - it’s never worth it.

2). Wasted resources. Good engineers are hard to find. Having your best people spend their time analyzing logs with expensive software and hardware is hardly the best way to build your next killer feature.

3). Delayed releases. Days spent sifting through logs and instrumenting code is time added to your next launch date and subtracted from your bottom line. In this case, time is (literally) money.

Your DevOps Advantage

OverOps provides your team with actionable information about the cause of each error - right as if they were there. Extreme JVM performance, industrial-strength security, simple installation and integrations with over 20 DevOps tools enable you to deliver better applications faster.

“The magic of OverOps is that it gives so much for free without having to know ahead of time that you needed it.”

“OverOps is super useful. Right after installing we found a major bug in our production environment we weren't even aware of!”

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