Reproduce Every Issue 🔎
  • Reproduce with state capture across the entire call stack
  • Code variables and objects - 10 levels deep into the heap
  • Source decompiled or pulled from repo automatically
Get True Root Cause
true root cause
DEBUG Logs in Production 📃
  • 250 lines of DEBUG-level logging for any error
  • No Disk IO - captured directly from the JVM/CLR
  • High verbosity logging without incurring Splunk cost
Identify Any Issue
Inspect Process + Container 🛠️
  • CPU, Heap and IO stats at moment of event
  • Threads - active, blocking and terminated
  • Environment state of host / container
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improve code quality
true root cause
Understand Any Log Error ↗️
  • Log Links provide full variable state for any log error
  • Deduplication - see when each error began and its rate
  • Automatic - works in Splunk, ELK and more
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Low Overhead.
Quick Time to Value
No Changes to Code / Build
No Changes to Code / Build
A micro-agent attaches to JVM/CLR at runtime
Easily Deployed
Easily Deployed
SaaS and on-premises.
AWS, Azure and Kubernetes
Low Overhead
Low Overhead
Optimized for both
testing and production
Works the Way You Work
With 100+ Workflow and Tooling Integrations
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“OverOps' allows us to drive ‘go-no-go’ decisions, blocking a release if it falls below a quality threshold.”
Mark O'Flaherty
Business to Consumer
IT Director, BT
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Low Overhead. Quick Time to Value