OverOps + Dynatrace

APM, Logs and Code Unified

Logs & Performance Finally Integrated

    • OverOps analyzes application code at the JVM level to enhance log data at the moment of event.
    • Detect anomalies without manually searching in logs.
    • Get the complete state behind any error or bottleneck – code and variables.
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ARC - Automated Root Cause

for any Error or Bottleneck with One Click

    • Variable state across the entire call stack, 10 levels into the heap.
    • Source code executing at the moment of event.
    • JVM State as well as environment and container.
    • Last 250 of DEBUG and TRACE level statements.
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Log Deduplication

Correlate Reliability and Performance
    • Deduplicate billions of log events into accurate analytics without parsing and searching through text.
    • Stream directly into Dynatrace for visualization and correlation with performance metrics.
    • Identify regressions and newly introduced errors to ensure code quality.
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See the Invisible (and More)

with No Dependency on Developer Foresight
    • Detect 100% of exceptions at the JVM level, even if uncaught or swallowed by the code.
    • See DEBUG statements regardless of log verbosity settings.
    • Get the complete source code, stack trace and variables for any event with no dependency on whether they were logged.
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We Work the Way You Work

OverOps integrates with your existing tools, making your CI/CD pipeline 10x smarter