Never Promote Bad Code

OverOps analyzes code running across your environments to identify critical errors and anomalies and deliver complete root cause. No more sifting through logs.

An MRI for Your Code
Detect all new, uncaught and swallowed errors without dependency on developer foresight.
Confident Delivery
See when continuous deployments introduce new errors and regressions - before your users do.
Anomaly Detection
Know when critical errors exceed dynamic baselines
across millions of events via Machine Learning.

Know Why Code Breaks

Automated Root Cause (ARC) analysis delivers the full source code, variables, JVM state and DEBUG logs behind every critical error.

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Logs, APM and Code Unified

Automatic Root Cause (ARC) links directly show the complete source code, variable and environment state behind any error, exception or timeout.

Seamless Integration with Splunk, ELK, AppD, New Relic, Dynatrace and more.

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Anomaly & Regression Detection

Automatically deduplicate billions of events without searching through logs.

Detect anomalies and regressions between agile deployments and environments.

Machine Learning applies baselines and thresholds tailored to the application's behaviour.

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Power to the (DevOps) People

See the Root Cause Through the Tools You Love

Jira Issues link directly to their root cause, making any issue fully reproducible.

Alert Devs via Slack and HipChat chatbots to take action on emerging issues - before users are impacted.

Alert Ops on critical events and thresholds via ServiceNow,PagerDuty, Webhooks and more.

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Low Overhead.
Quick Time to Value.

No Change to Code or Build

A native micro-agent operates between the JVM and processor.

< 3% Throughput / CPU

Runs in the world's most demanding environments.

< 100 Mb Network per Hour

No dependency on logs.
Streams directly from the JVM.

Enterprise Security.
SaaS and On-Premises

SaaS or On-Premises. Run on the OverOps AWS infrastructure or deploy fully behind your firewall.

PII Redaction based on dynamic pattern analysis and code symbology.

AES Encryption of all data via privately generated 256-bit keys.

Access controls via SAML, OAuth, Kerberos, OKTA, GitHub and Google.

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“I haven’t come across any tool
that can give our team the
wealth of
information for each issue like
OverOps can”
Sumit Nagal
Principal Engineer in Quality, Intuit