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Proactive Detection
Detecting new critical issues in environments that process millions of requests per day or even an hour is a daunting tasks. Inability to identify new or critical errors means that issues will be only be discovered after affecting your users. OverOps automatically deduplicates all exceptions and logged errors in production evnrionments at the JVM-level, and alerts teams in real-time when new issues are introduced.
Issue Routing
Finding the right developer that can take action to fix a critical issue in a large organization is a challenging task. Back-and-forth communication between ops, architects and development teams to identify and route an issue to the right team can slow down the solution by days up to weeks. OverOps Enterprise Routing automates the process by alerting the team responsible for a microservice or application layer the second an issue is introduced.
Root Cause
Understanding the flow of code and variable state that caused a transaction to fail requires deep insight into the the state of the run-time JVM. In systems running hundreds to thousands of JVMs getting to that information from logs and manually reproducing issues is a complex task. OverOps captures the complete source code and variable state for each critical error or exception across the entire call stack directly from the JVM in staging or production.
Telling Signal from Noise
With millions of log events, warnings and errors occurring every hour, identifying the most critical ones is an exhaustive task. OverOps deduplicates and classifies all exceptions and errors to know immediately when critical ones are introduced so your team can be the first one to know and take action. It allows you to be proactive and solve issues before they affect users and higher level business metrics.
We have a lot of workflows that sometimes cause an error, making us go through the logs in search for the cause. OverOps gave us the exact variables and the user account in which the error had happened, allowing us to identify the problem immediately.

Dmitry Erman

Executive Director, Development and Architecture

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