Know Why Java
Applications Fail

See the cause of critical exceptions with one click.

  • Detect errors for every new code release, caught and uncaught exceptions, logged errors and warnings.
  • Fix errors in minutes with full source code, stack trace, and variable state - 5 levels deep into the heap.
  • Deduplicate noisy logs, deep dive into critical events, and automatically route the information to the right team member via Slack, JIRA, PagerDuty, HipChat and more.
SaaS, Hybrid and On-Premises

Know When Code Breaks

Get alerted through the tools you use.

See the complete source code and variable state across the entire call stack, as well as debug log level statements directly from the JVM.

Get a JIRA issue for any critical error.
Jump to the code and variables behind it.

Know when critical error thresholds are exceeded.
Jump directly to the cause.

See when critical errors are introduced.
Jump to the code and variables. 30 second video.

See when critical errors are introduced.
Jump to the code and variables behind them.

Enrich your log errors in Splunk with links to their analysis.
One click to root cause.

Automatic attachment of links to each ELK log error.
See its analysis in OverOps.

See the full variable state that caused any error
straight from its log event in Sumo Logic.

When we release a version, OverOps alerts us about errors in real time, shows us the variables and lets us easily reproduce and solve the issue. OverOps turned days of work into minutes. Short of attaching a debugger in production, OverOps is the next best thing.

Steve Rogers

Software Development Director

Java Monitoring in Production

Fast. Secure. Installs in minutes.

Runs as a lightweight JVM agent

Java, Scala, Clojure, Groovy,
web containers and frameworks.

1% CPU. No GC overhead.

Low network and storage overhead

256-bit AES private encryption

PII redaction. PCI & HIPAA compliant.

Installs in minutes

No code or build changes.