Java Errors and Exceptions

Cut through the noise to fix critical errors 10X faster

See all critical errors

Know their impact to your application

See every critical error and its impact in real-time without parsing and searching through logs.

  • Know exactly when new errors are introduced.
  • See the full source code, variable state and stack.
  • See how many times and out of how many calls it occured.

Real-time error deduplication

Analyze log errors 100X faster

Errors and exceptions are deduplicated at the JVM level, reducing log analysis overhead by 95% (read the blog post).

  • Know which errors were introduced or increased today, this week or with your latest release.
  • See which errors impact your applications the most.
  • Easily filter errors by type - JVM, DB, AWS, network, app, ...

Full Resolution Cycle

See the root cause of each error

See the source code, stack and state behind every error in production.

  • Click each error's new tiny URL to see its full cause.
  • Get the source code, call stack, variable state, log statments (even DEBUG and TRACE) and analytics to fix critical issues 10X faster.
  • Receive real-time alerts via Slack, HipChat, JIRA or PagerDuty.

Installs in minutes

Runs as a simple Java agent.

No code or build changes.

Linux, OS X, and Win. Java 6-8.

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