Java Debugging

See the cause behind every production error

See behind every error

Debug Prod like you would Dev

See the full variable state behind all log errors and caught / uncaight exceptions in production.

  • See the exact source code running within the JVM at the moment of error.
  • Get the complete variable and object state across the entire call stack.
  • Get the stack trace for any log error (regardless if it was logged to file).

Root cause analysis

Get 100X more information than logs

JVM micro-agents capture the complete JVM variable state at the moment of error. For each error see -

  • Object and variables values, 5 levels deep into the heap.
  • the last 250 TRACE, DEBUG and INFO statements (even if they were not emitted to log).
  • how many times and out of how many calls the error occured.

Log Links and Alerts

Jump to root cause with one click.

Get to the cause of critical errors from your logs, Splunk, JIRA or ChatOps tools.

  • A tiny URL embedded at the moment of error links every log error and exception to its complete root cause analysis.
  • See how critical errors impact agile deployments and applications.
  • Receive real-time alerts via Slack, JIRA, HipChat or PagerDuty.

Installs in minutes

Runs as a simple Java agent.

No code or build changes.

Linux, OS X, and Win. Java 6-8.

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Java / Scala