Machine data
log files for Splunk

Complete insight into every error in your applications. Log files give you a few variables, OverOps delivers complete, code-aware insight into every known and unknown error in your applications and services.

Complete Variable State

Call stack and source code
across the stack

Last 250 Log Statements

Including DEBUG and INFO
statements, even in production

Events Analytics

Classify events as new/
reintroduced and associate to a build

New or Resurfaced Errors

Frequency and failure rate for
100% of errors and exceptions

One-click access
to root cause

OverOps inserts tinylinks
into your log files

Quickly and easily access complete insight into root cause of every error directly from Splunk so you can spend more time building and less time troubleshooting

- Tinylinks connect Splunk directly to root cause
- Use OverOps machine data to troubleshoot quickly
- Ease communication between QA and development

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Cut through the noise

OverOps classifies and
streamlines events

Avoid parsing and searching through text to find what’s important. OverOps automatically classifies events and helps you find signal in the noise.

- Deduplicate billions of log events without parsing
- Identify regressions: correlate to code changes & agile deployment
- Detect anomalies amongst billions of errors

automated verification
Visualize Reliable Software

Integration with Splunk
Metrics Dashboard

With direct integration with Splunk, you gain deep insight into the overall quality/reliability of your applications and services

- Visualize OverOps data in Splunk
- Segment views by build, release, application
- View overall quality by team or individual

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