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Proactive Detection
Detecting new critical issues in environments that process millions of requests per day or even an hour is a daunting tasks. Inability to identify new or critical errors means that issues will be only be discovered after affecting your users. OverOps automatically deduplicates all exceptions and logged errors in production evnrionments at the JVM-level, and alerts teams in real-time when new issues are introduced.
Root Cause
Understanding the flow of code and variable state that caused a transaction to fail requires deep insight into the the state of the run-time JVM. In systems running hundreds to thousands of JVMs getting to that information from logs and manually reproducing issues is a complex task. OverOps captures the complete source code and variable state for each critical error or exception across the entire call stack directly from the JVM in staging or production.
Security and Compliance
Financial organizations must meet the most stringent regulations. OverOps was designed from the ground up to meet those requirements. Organizations operating applications behind air-gapped environments can deploy OverOps fully behind the firewall. User management capabilities, as well as robust LDAP and SAML support, allow for seamless integration into your existing authentication schemes.
Protecting Personally Identifiable Information
When processing health records, payment information and Privately Identifiable Information maintaining the privacy of the data is of the utmost importance. All information collected by OverOps is redacted from PII and privately encrypted by a 256bit AES key. PII redaction is done not only based on customizable value pattern matching (i.e. SSN format), but also on static code analysis and code symbology (i.e. variable names with the symbol “ssn”).
We rely OverOps to know what causes production errors and are able to easily fix
them. With OverOps, we know the exact application state, the values that were sent
and the user actions when a critical error was thrown.

David Maryakhin

Application Development Manager

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