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James Edwards
Chief Operating Officer, Pet Circle

Production Monitoring Ecosystem

Key challenges and pain points:

Investigations tended to occur sometime after a significant issue had occurred, without the data that developers needed to confidently detect and resolve the issues.

Example problem that OverOps helped resolve:

​​Intermittent payment failures were occurring for customers using PayPal. We tried for months to replicate these failures in dev/QA environments with little success.

In its first week, OverOps detected and helped our team resolve payment failures which had existed in our production environment for months.

What is so unique and compelling about OverOps?

OverOps is complete and reliable, allowing developers to understand the root cause (stack-trace, source code, and variable values) ​quickly and accurately. Secondly, OverOps is pleasant and easy to use. This means that developers actually want to use it (unlike their log management software).

Who uses OverOps at Pet Circle?

IT administrators for monitoring and collating issues, and developers for resolving problems in our production codebase.​ OverOps reduces the maintenance to development time ratio so developers can focus on making user experience more enjoyable.

Get Your First Error Analysis in 5 Minutes

Get Your First Error Analysis in 5 Minutes

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