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Ben Tatham
Software Architect, Nanometrics

Production Monitoring Ecosystem

Key challenges and pain points:

Troubleshooting was very tedious and time consuming, and there was no guarantee we would actually find the root cause.

Example problem that OverOps helped resolve:

​​We developed a custom time-based application service that often had strange edge cases. Without OverOps, finding those edge cases took weeks, now we’re able to solve these problems in a matter of hours.

What is so unique and compelling about OverOps?

Being able to see the application state (objects, variables & values) for an application issue immediately is invaluable and saves hours of time.

Who uses OverOps at Nanometrics?

We will continue using OverOps to help our development team solve bugs faster, so now we can work on the more fun and profitable features!

Get Your First Error Analysis in 5 Minutes

Get Your First Error Analysis in 5 Minutes

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