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Dmitry Erman
Executive Director, Development and Architecture at Fox

Production Monitoring Ecosystem

Key challenges and pain points:

When we used APM tools without OverOps, we didn’t have enough details about errors, which forced us to go sift through the logs. Based on the error message, we’d identify the frequency. Then we had to attach a debugger to the environment to actually catch the root cause of the error.

OverOps has taken over that entire process, proactively instead of reactively.

Example problem that OverOps helped resolve:

We have a lot of workflows that sometimes cause an error, making us go through the logs in search for the cause. After we found it, we had to reproduce in order to solve the error . In this case, it was a permission exception. OverOps gave us the exact variables and the user account in which the error had happened, allowing us to identify the problem and see that the user was not properly configured in the system, which is why these exceptions were being thrown.

How has OverOps helped you solve these issues?

Now that OverOps gives us the exact conditions behind each error, we can see why it happened and if it’s critical for us. Now we can catch the issue in action, as opposed to having developers search through logs or attach debuggers to the production or pre-production environment. That’s the time-saver we’ve been looking for in other tools, that gives detailed analysis without having people access servers directly.

How are you integrating OverOps with your daily workflow?

Before OverOps, we sometimes had to spend two days trying to identify the root cause of an issue. After installing OverOps, it took about 15 minutes, and we found the error and saw what was causing it. OverOps helped turn days of work into minutes, quickly identifying and fixing different errors.

Get Your First Error Analysis in 5 Minutes

Get Your First Error Analysis in 5 Minutes

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