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  • OverOps arms Empowered with the code-level insight needed to reproduce and resolve even the trickiest issues in test and production.
  • OverOps plays a critical role in enabling Empowered’s shift-left approach to reliability and preventing critical issues from
    reaching production.
  • Empowered now has a dedicated team of employees tasked with using OverOps to identify and resolve critical issues
    earlier in the SDLC.
  • With OverOps, Empowered resolved a customer-impacting issue in 20 minutes that previously would have taken days to diagnose and fix.
Reliability Ecosystem
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Bray Jones
Chief Technology Officer

OverOps helps Empowered, a SaaS platform for benefits enrollment, ensure application reliability so insurance agents can seamlessly enroll and engage with millions of users.

About Empowered

Empowered, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aflac Incorporated, is a leader in the development and implementation of SaaS solutions for employee benefits enrollment, management and communications. The company’s digital platform simplifies the process of selecting and enrolling employees in benefits offerings and dramatically increases sales for brokers while reducing errors and administrative costs.

“We are introducing many code changes quickly, and there’s only so much that you can test. Having a tool that can preemptively
diagnose problems is vital.”
What do application downtime and code-level issues mean for your business?

The impact is huge. This is a mission-critical app with thousands of insurance agents accessing the platform daily. If an agent or broker can't easily access Empowered, that can quickly translate to millions per day in lost sales. As such, it’s critical that we have high-quality code and reliable infrastructure in place, supported by the right tooling, teams and processes.

What drew you to OverOps and how has the platform helped address code quality issues for your team?

As an IT organization responsible for a high profile app, our greatest fear is often the unknown. We’re constantly thinking about what we might have missed in testing when we put code into production. We are introducing many changes quickly, and can only test what we know before we have to promote. Having a tool that can give us deeper visibility earlier in the testing process and preemptively diagnose
problems is vital.

Prior to OverOps, we had a broad ecosystem of tools for monitoring and detecting errors, but despite thorough testing, we were still encountering a few issues in production that were difficult to diagnose and resolve. This prompted us to search for a tool that could help address this gap.

“We were using a wide variety of tools for monitoring and detecting errors, but were still encountering issues in production that were
difficult to diagnose and resolve. OverOps provides code-level insight at a depth that other tools can’t and allows us to
troubleshoot in real-time.”

When we came across OverOps, one of the key features that caught our attention was the ability to capture and store the complete parameters and variables at the time of an issue. We had previously relied heavily on application logs, which felt like a shot in the dark sometimes. The ability to drill down into the details of an issue at this level was a game changer, allowing us to fix customer-impacting issues in minutes that otherwise would have taken days if we couldn’t replicate them.

In addition to helping us address incidents quickly, OverOps has become an integral part of our shift left strategy, enabling us to find and fix issues earlier in the software delivery lifecycle. We now have a dedicated team of employees tasked with using OverOps to identify and resolve critical issues before they reach production and impact customers.

“OverOps is not only a critical part of our production troubleshooting process, but has become invaluable in lower environments where we have the opportunity to identify and resolve issues
before they ever
reach production.”
What’s an example of an issue that OverOps helped you solve?

When we deploy new code in production, there are unknowns that are hard to account for in QA. Recently, we promoted some new code to production and noticed an increase in errors that fell outside the norm. We started getting calls from some of our agents experiencing issues. After digging into the problem in our logs, we realized we were missing critical context around the root cause of the issues. We were under the gun to find a solution fast, and that’s where OverOps came in.

Immediately upon jumping into OverOps, we found a high volume of new errors and were able to see snapshots of the variable state at the time of these issues which pointed to a date parsing error that was the root of the problem. From there, it was quick work to roll out a fix and completely resolve an isolated error that had happened thousands of times in the span of 24 hours.

“OverOps' allows us to drive ‘go-no-go’ decisions, blocking a release if it falls below a quality threshold. This helps us drive a consistent, repeatable, and automated process, creating the room
for customer innovation
and improvements”
Mark O'Flaherty
Business to Consumer IT Director, BT