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Rodolfo Hansen
Chief Technology Officer, Bodireel

Production Monitoring Ecosystem

Key challenges and pain points:

When problems occurred, it was very cumbersome for us to generate the right amount of visibility with log data.

When we couldn’t reproduce problems in development or QA, we would perform multiple deployments in production so we could change our application logging detail.

Example problem that OverOps helped resolve:

One of our 3rd party web services was expecting to parse user measurement data as a string instead of as a float or integer. The service was throwing the most cryptic of error messages.

We saw this issue instantly in OverOps and within 15 minutes had detected the bug and made the required fix. Before OverOps, this would have taken us multiple days or weeks to detect along with multiple logging changes.

What is so unique and compelling about OverOps?

OverOps fills a key space alongside New Relic due to its distinct ability to pinpoint where and how issues occur. OverOps has streamlined our bug fix workflow allowing us to quickly identify and solve an issue straight away from its web interface.

We currently use it in production where the overhead it generates is negligible. With OverOps you get an error management kit, capable of not only surveying all your application errors but also inspecting them in extreme detail.

OverOps has allowed us to eliminate our application errors and increase our end user experience as a result.

What does the future look like with OverOps?

We recently installed the OverOps and JIRA integration, which enables our teams to use error frequency and severity information to better prioritize identified issues alongside our feature requirements.

OverOps keeps our dependence on log information extremely low and helps us detect and fix bugs quickly. OverOps allows us to address technical debt and bugs alongside new features and work in a safe way, helping us grow our service with happy customers.

Get Your First Error Analysis in 5 Minutes

Get Your First Error Analysis in 5 Minutes

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