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Eric Koester
DevOps Lead, Andrews University

Production Monitoring Ecosystem

Key challenges and pain points:

The greatest challenge we had was attempting to trace system failures and buggy behavior back to the correct part of our platform.

Often we would spend days using brute force analysis of code and logs to try to ascertain what was happening where.

Example problem that OverOps helped resolve:

​​OverOps is like an x-ray machine into our infrastructure, allowing us to instantly identify the root causes of otherwise obscure failures.

The ability to read variable values with OverOps allowed to quickly identify patterns, implement work arounds, and design test cases.

What is so unique and compelling about OverOps?

OverOps is the only tool that is like an x-ray machine shining on your code, revealing the root cause of application errors.

Who uses OverOps at Andrews University?

OverOps is used primarily by our development team.

Get Your First Error Analysis in 5 Minutes

Get Your First Error Analysis in 5 Minutes

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