#VelocityConf 2019 – Top 5 Talks from the Best Minds in the Nation

 ● 28th May 2019

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Ready to network with some of the best and brightest in the industry? Reserve your spot at this year’s Velocity Conference, hosted in the center of Silicon Valley in San Jose from June 10 to 13, 2019. It’s the ideal place for learning from the nation’s technological frontrunners.

Conference attendees will join the conversation, see what everyone else is working on and how they’re solving problems, right in the home of the largest tech corporations in the U.S. The conference days will be divided into two categories: June 10-11 will be training and June 11-13 will be tutorials, keynotes and more sessions.

Let’s take a look at the 5 sessions we think you just can’t miss:

1. Fast Track to Chaos Engineering

Monday & Tuesday | 9am – 5pm

This 2-day training course will teach you how to identify weaknesses before they happen. Plus, learn how to:

  • Adopt a practice that’s ready for chaos engineering
  • Incorporate different levels of experiments to learn about various weaknesses
  • Learn from real-world examples and see the concepts of chaos engineering in action

This course will be taught by international speaker and author Russ Miles, CEO of ChaosIQ. Russ has literally written the book on building adaptable software, and travels internationally to speak, train and consult others. He’s known for his engaging delivery method and solid explanations of concepts. Go ahead and get in the conversation now by asking Russ a question beforehand that you’d like to see addressed during the training.

2. Move Fast and Learn from Incidents

Tuesday | 9am-12:30pm

Get in on expert-led presentations by Ryan Kitchens and Lorin Hochstein of Netflix, and Nora Jones of Slack. Find out how to adapt to change by learning from incidents; dive in beyond the traditional response to learn more effective approaches. You’ll also learn to:

  • Anticipate incidents instead of trying to eliminate human error
  • Build up your capacity to encounter failure
  • Manage the consequences of failure
  • Uncover organizational and technical vulnerabilities by asking key questions

Plus, if you’re feeling brave, bring an incident from your own world and analyze it with the group experts.

3. SRE Classroom: How to Design a Reliable Application in Three Hours

Tuesday | 1:30pm–5pm

Here’s another one to add to your schedule. Much more than a lecture, this can’t-miss workshop includes a goal-setting talk, two hands-on workshops and discussion time led by Jenny Liao, Google software engineer.

In this session, you’ll apply concepts you learn in hands-on exercises. Attendees will form small groups and collaborate to: identify problems, sketch out a working system, identify limitations and identify and remove bottlenecks.

4. Navigating the Midcareer Plateau

Thursday, June 13 | 2:20-3pm

So, you’ve reached midcareer and have a great title to match. What’s next? If you feel like you’re at a bit of a dead-end, this is the talk you need to plan your next steps and set career goals. Uma Chingunde of Stripe will present new options to explore that may not be on your radar.

5. Lessons in Debugging Serverless Architecture

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 | 9am–10:30am

Technically, this session is part of O’Reilly’s Software Architecture Conference, but we thought it was worth including in case any of you bought tickets to both conferences. This talk will be delivered by our own Tal Weiss, CTO and co-founder of OverOps and is designed for intermediate-level DevOps engineers, architects, developers and SREs.

During this hour and a half, Tal will incorporate a plethora of research and best practices related to serverless architecture into actionable advice and real-world examples. Attendees will learn how to use the Guardian Angel Framework, along with several techniques for debugging in serverless architecture.

See You There?

Come by our booth (it’s #807) to say hi, see a quick demo of the product and pick up some cool swag. We hope you have a great time at the conference, I know we always do. Want to share your thoughts or insights on the upcoming sessions? Send us your comment or tweet at us @overopshq.

Nick heads up events at OverOps, so you’ll probably see him on the road at conferences, meetups & summits throughout the year. If you do, be sure to say hi! When he’s home in SF, Nick likes to hike, cook, and play board games with friends.

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