Upcoming Webinar: The New Way to Debug Java in Production

 ● 10th Oct 2016

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What are some of the most useful Java production debugging techniques?

You never know what might happen when you deploy new code to production. What was once nice, working code might turn into a buggy application that will not work as expected. That’s why debugging in production is a key element to understand how your application behaves in real life, and not how you THINK it behaves.
If you want to know what’s actually going on with your code, in production, this upcoming webinar will get you covered.

Putting context into debugging

Asking if you’re using log files to operate your application in production is like asking if you drink water. It doesn’t matter if you go for the classic approach of scanning the log yourself or using a tool to help you out.
A log, is a log, is a log. It doesn’t matter if you consume it through Splunk, ELK, New Relic or even your notepad. But what if you could get more information about each error, bug or exception, inserted directly into your log file, and debug your Java production code 10X faster than using the tools you already know?

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The new way to debug Java

Join us in a 30 minute session that will cover the following topics:

  • How to cut down the time you spend on debugging production errors by 90%
  • How to capture the complete stack trace, source code, and variable state for every error or exception
  • Supercharging your log files and knowing exactly why your application code breaks in production

The webinar will take place on October 25th 11AM PDT and will be hosted by Nick Durkin. Nick is a monitoring engineer at OverOps with over 12 years of data center architecture knowledge, and over 5 years of Hadoop and Big Data experience. He has architected systems and built big data applications for the Federal government and the world’s largest financial institutions.
Webinar participants will also receive “The Complete Guide to Solving Java Errors in Production”. In this eBook we’ve gathered and analyzed data from over 600,000 Java projects, along with 1,000 production applications generating over 1 Billion log events, to give you the best methods to solving Java errors in production.

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Henn is a marketing manager at OverOps covering topics related to Java, Scala and everything in between. She is a lover of gadgets, apps, technology and tea.

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