The New OverOps Blog: Java, Scala and Everything in Between

 ● 21st Jan 2016

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OverOps blog v2.0 puts content at the center.

Just before the end of 2015 we’ve crossed 1,000,000 unique yearly pageviews on the blog (1,009,615 to be exact!) and thought this would be a good opportunity to do some upgrades. All along the way we’ve been receiving lots of feedback from the community, and that encouraged us to keep on going and improving. Not only through the research that we put into each post, but also through the reading experience itself. Now, we’re putting content at the center.


So what’s new?

As we’re getting used to our new home, we thought this would be a good opportunity to share some of the thoughts and motivations behind the new design in a short meta-post. We’ve moved the OverOps blog to a whole new design that puts content at the center. Literally. It’s in the middle of the page now. If you’re a frequent reader, you might notice a few new things:

  1. Bigger text
  2. New fonts
  3. Shorter line length
  4. Centered content
  5. Fluent mobile experience

Since the OverOps blog is focused mostly on in-depth technical topics, we optimized the page structure for long form content. When you’re reading a long text online, it can get tiring no matter what the topic is. Shorter line lengths and bigger fonts make the reading experience easier, in addition to other methods we use to avoid tiresome chunks of text like highlighting takeaways, enriching the posts with screenshots and other kinds of media.
A new thing we’re also working on now is a custom code snippet plugin, among other tweaks and changes to the blog following the comments we’re receiving.
More on that soon!

Community feedback

A major factor in the design decisions that we make is all the feedback we’re getting from our readers and users. A sign that reinforced the mockups we were building are going in a good direction appeared on twitter. This is what you call perfect timing:

It’s also a good chance to say thanks to everyone who was involved in the process, our readers, users, and the community at large. We keep receiving new feedback and would like to encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments section below, over twitter, email, or however you see fit. We’re always listening.

Final Thoughts

We look forward to keep on delivering great content around Java, Scala and everything in between. As always, if there are any topics you’d like to learn more about or get some new insights, our team at OverOps would be glad to step up and help find the answers you need.

Alex is the Director of Product Marketing at OverOps. As an engineer-turned-marketer, he is passionate about transforming complex topics into simple narratives and using his experience to help software engineering navigate their way through the crowded DevOps landscape.

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