OverOps is Announcing $4.5M Series A Funding by Menlo Ventures

 ● 05th Dec 2013

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Server debugging developer OverOps has raised $4.5 million in its first financing round from Menlo Ventures.

Written by Venky Ganesan, our new partner. @venkyganesan

We’re super excited to join Menlo Ventures portfolio!

Growing up, my biggest fears were the monsters under my bed.  While I could not see them and never heard them, I always feared that they would come out when I was sleeping and hurt me.  For a long time, I always slept with my cricket bat so that I could be ready for action if I needed to be.  The adult equivalent of monsters for developers is bugs in their production code.  Today, we are excited to announce Menlo’s lead investment in the Series A of OverOps (FKA Takipi), which has developed an unconventional way to crush these bugs while code is in production.
Increasingly, applications on the web interact with other applications using API’s and leverage 3rd party web services for much of their functionality (Google Maps, for example).   When production code breaks, developers fly blind.  They do not know if it’s a problem on their end or in one of the API’s they are using or even which build caused the problem.  Production code today is a black box.  Conventional modes of debugging production code are very painful – it involves rolling back the changes and then trying to recreate the bugs in a dev/test environment.  Unfortunately many times, the bugs cannot be recreated.  Installing a debugger in production is not an option since conventional wisdom believed that would create significant performance and latency issues and unacceptably slow down the application.
OverOps new Chairman of the board Avery More
The amazing technical team at OverOps (Tal, Iris, Dor, Chen, and Niv) will suit up to go to battle on only the toughest monsters (aka, problems OverOps helps debug in production). OverOps cloud-based architecture allows you to debug production code without performance impact. You can find out more at OverOps (www.overops.com).  Don’t take my word for it, download and play with the code yourself and prepare to be amazed.
At Menlo, we believe strongly in backing missionaries not mercenaries.  We want people who worship at the altar of product, who will paint the back of the fence even if no one will ever look at it.  The OverOps founders are missionaries, and we feel very honored to be their partners on this journey.
Our main investing thesis at Menlo is the Right Now Economy – the convergence of mega-trends in mobile, social, cloud and big data that allow us to make decisions in real time.  Information can be accessed, analyzed and acted upon instantaneously, and OverOps is one of the companies enabling this revolution.  Developers need to know what’s going on in their production code RIGHT NOW.  OverOps does that.  So monsters, I am not afraid of you anymore. No more cricket bat needed just OverOps.
OverOps Founding team: Dor Levi, Chen Harel, Iris Shoor, Niv Steingarten, Tal Weiss

Troubleshooting Apache Spark Applications with OverOps OverOps’ ability to detect precisely why something broke and to see variable state is invaluable in a distributed compute environment.
Troubleshooting Apache Spark Applications with OverOps

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