[Survey 2018] The State of Accountability in Dev and Ops

 ● 22nd Oct 2018

2 min read

Take our 5 minute survey about DevOps, tools and error resolution practices and you might win an Amazon Gift Card worth $300!

There has long been a divide between development and operations. But recently, there has been a movement to break down these metaphorical walls and build bridges of shared accountability between the two. Over the past few years, we have seen the emergence of DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), introducing a more collaborative approach to delivering reliable software.
Unfortunately, in the context of increasingly distributed and complex systems, when sh*t hits the fan, accountability is often still unclear. In the heat of battle, when an application breaks and customers are feeling the burn, who is ultimately responsible for ensuring application reliability?

We’re here to find out! This survey will explore the evolving relationship between dev and ops, digging into:

  • How new architectures and technologies impact their dynamic
  • The way each approaches error resolution
  • Best practices for creating a culture of accountability

How It Works

Take 5 minute to answer some questions on topics ranging from DevOps adoption and workflows, to preferred tooling and error resolution practices. In exchange, get your name entered to win an Amazon Gift Card worth $300!
The survey is open to anyone involved in the software development lifecycle, ranging from developers and engineers to DevOps managers, SREs and IT executives. All data will be reviewed and published anonymously at the end of the year.

Take the Survey

*Must answer all questions to be entered to win.

Tali is a content manager at OverOps covering topics related to software monitoring challenges. She has a degree in theoretical mathematics, and in her free time, she enjoys drawing, practicing yoga and spending time with animals.

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