Scala Days: 11 of the Best Speakers Share Their Slides

 ● 11th Jun 2015

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The slides behind some of the best talks at Scala Days

Scala Days Amsterdam has swept us with tons of awesome Scala content, we had a great time attending the talks and showcasing OverOps new reactive monitoring solution. There were a total of 55 different sessions around all things Scala and some of the slides have already started popping up. In this post, we’ve selected a few of them for your viewing pleasure.

1. Keynote: Life Beyond the Illusion of Present // Jonas Boner

2. The Reactive Streams Implementation Landscape // Mathias Doenitz

3. Fixing Reactive Code at 100 Miles per Hour // Tal Weiss

4. Exercise in machine learning // Jan Mahchek


5. Lambda Architecture with Spark Streaming, Kafka, Cassandra, Akka, Scala // Helena Edelson

6. The Twelve Factor App: Best Practices for Scala Deployment // Joe Kutner

Slides are available right here.

7. Essential Scala: Six Core Principles for Learning Scala // Noel Welsh

Slides are available right here.

8. Type-safe off-heap memory for Scala // Denys Shabalin

9. Large volume data analysis on the Typesafe Reactive Platform // Martin Zapletal

Slides are available right here.

10. A purely functional approach to building large applications // Noel Markham

This one is a special highlight since Noel actually built his presentation to run inside a sbt console! Check it out.

11. A Pragmatic View of Reactive // Lutz Hühnken

Did you run into slides from other talks as well? Please post them in the comments section below.


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