JavaOne 2016 Essentials: 7 Events and Sessions That You Shouldn’t Miss

 ● 16th Sep 2016

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Attending JavaOne? Make sure you don’t miss out on these events

It’s that time of year again. The annual Java holiday in San Francisco is just around the corner with well over 400 sessions and events happening all over the city. With all of this wealth of content and new experiences happening all at once, it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on.
In this post, we’ve highlighted some of the events that you just can’t miss. The OverOps team will also be around so if you’re reading this blog right now and would like to chat, drop us a message here or on twitter and we’d be happy to meet up.
Look out for the monster T-shirts and be sure to stop by our booth to get some swag.
Now, let’s see what’s on the menu.

1. JavaOne keynotes

There’s not one, but two keynotes in JavaOne. The Java keynote which opens the conference on Sunday, and the community keynote on Thursday. We recommend attending both.
Java 9 of course is going to be the hottest topic at the conference. With recent news of a second delay that would push it a few months further, we still hope to see it released in the upcoming year, and look forward to hearing more updates on its planned features and status.
As for the community keynote, Oracle shows it has a sense of humor:
“Darth Coder and the Duke Troopers are stealing modules from developers across the galaxy, and only the Java Community can stop them. Attend the Java Community keynote and help save the Java 9 release from the evil clutches of the Imperial Army”.
Java Keynote: Sunday, Moscone North, Hall D. 1:00-3:30pm.
Community Keynote: Thursday, Moscone West, Room 3008. 9:00am–10:45am.

2. Parties!

Apart from the coding sessions and keynotes, there also some cool parties going around with attendees from the Java community all over over the world.
Here are 3 that we’ll also be attending:
JCP Party & Awards ceremony: Monday, 6:30pm, “sold out” but invites might be available through email.
PartyOne: Tuesday, 7pm-12am. Invites will be available at the sponsors’ booths.
Sting and Gwen Stefani: Wednesday, AT&T Park, 7pm-11pm.

PartyOne will also feature Sam Aaron with a live coding DJ performance using Sonic Pi.

3. Featured speakers

This year Oracle highlighted featured speakers whose sessions are expected to draw a lot of crowd, with the closest definition to celebrities in the Java space 😛
Check it out.
Also, be sure to check out the sessions by Marc Reinhold, the Chief Architect of the Java Platform, and Brian Goetz, the Java Language Architect.

4. A total of 400+ sessions

Apart from the featured speakers list, there’s A TON of other sessions on every topic you can probably think of. It’s pretty overwhelming to go over the full list of sessions, but you can filter these by tracks, experience level, etc. and search by topic.
The best way to manage it all is by using the schedule builder or the JavaOne mobile app for iOS and Android.
See the full list of sessions.

5. Hackergarten

Hackergarten is the place to go hands-on. Bring your laptops!
“Hackergarten is a craftmen’s workshop, classroom, a laboratory, a social circle, a writing group, a playground, and an artist’s studio. Our goal is to create something that others can use; whether it be working software, improved documentation, or better educational materials. Our intent is to end each meeting with a patch or similar contribution submitted to an open and public project. Membership is open to anyone willing to contribute their time.”
Where: Hilton Union Square exhibition hall.
When: ALL THE TIME! You can follow the schedule and topics right here.

6. NightHacking

NightHacking is a live program where developers get interviewed and show off coding tips to a global audience. All broadcasts are live-streamed on the NightHacking website.
Be sure to stop by and get a taste at the Java Hub in the exhibition hall.

7. The OverOps booth and the exhibition hall

Yes. Thanks to you we’ve grown A LOT over the last year and now we’re ready for a JavaOne booth. Come meet us at the Hilton Union Square exhibition hall and see how OverOps transforms the way developers debug Java in production (with our engineer who looks like Seth Rogan!)
Lots of awesome companies like Gradle, GitHub, Atlassian, New Relic, Zeroturnaround, JFrog, and many more, will also be around, showing off their tools, services, and, well, swag :).
Where: Hilton Union Square exhibition hall.
When: Monday-Wednesday, 9:30am-5:30pm
P.S We have a fresh batch of stickers and monster T-shirts ready for the taking.


Have we missed anything? What are the sessions that get you excited the most?

Please let us know in the comments section below

Alex is the Director of Product Marketing at OverOps. As an engineer-turned-marketer, he is passionate about transforming complex topics into simple narratives and using his experience to help software engineering navigate their way through the crowded DevOps landscape.

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