Java Developer Survey: Share Your Best Productivity Hacks

 ● 19th Jul 2016

2 min read

Everyone has their handy little secret when it comes to boosting productivity. What’s yours?

Every developer has their own tricks up the sleeve. It may be a well suited environment, or automated scripts to make sure everything’s in order. No matter what it is, we all have at least one thing that helps us.
In the following post we turn to you in order to find out: what’s your very own special-sauce-can’t-live-without productivity hack? We’ll share the best and most useful advice in one of our next posts.

Share Your Hacks with Us

We all have our very own personal environment that we cherish. It consist of our favorite and handy shortcuts, aliases or anything else that helps us keep our mind straight. This becomes extra important when we’re monitoring our application, going through logs or making changes to our staging environment.
Since we’re all about helping and supporting our fellow developers, we’re asking you to share your productivity hacks and tips with us.
Did you create a script that automates some of your repetitive actions? Or maybe you stumbled upon a library or tool that solves some pesky problems? Do you have a secret grep command that helps make sense of your logs? Did you set up a special alert only you thought of, that can save your production?
We want to know all about it, and share it with everyone else.
All you have to do is fill the form below and share your productivity hacks. Who knows, if your answer will be helpful or even surprising, you’ll be featured on our results post.
Fill the form!

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