Java Deathmatch: Can You Beat Your Teammates in the Ultimate Skills Battle?

 ● 26th May 2015

2 min read

Do you have what it takes to navigate through a Java deathmatch? Can you solve our Java puzzle fast enough to get on the scoreboard? Test yourself or face off against challengers in OverOps Java Deathmatch.



Since we really like Java puzzles, we decided to create this game to prove who is the best Java developer. Each match consists of five multiple choice questions with four possible answers and 90 seconds each to solve them. Each question shows you a snippet of code, and your task is to determine how it will execute or what the problem is. You’ll get points for each question you answer correctly, but don’t take too long – The faster you answer, the more points you get.
You can do practice matches in Single Player mode or challenge a friend to see who comes out on top. See how high you can climb up the leaderboard. Go head to head with a challenger against a same set of questions. Prove to your friends that your Java skills outpace theirs. Start playing.
You can get involved with the questions too. If you have puzzles of your own that you want to submit, you can add them to the game. Just follow the Play link and click on “add your own code to the game”. If your submission gets added, you’ll get credit.
Let us know what you think!

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