How OverOps Helps a Leading Telehealth Provider Support 10X Demand From COVID-19

 ● 29th May 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating digital transformation across the healthcare industry. OverOps helps telemedicine providers have confidence in their ability to quickly scale applications without compromising software quality.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation for many industries, but perhaps none so much as the healthcare sector. Traditional healthcare providers that are reaching capacity limitations and are unable to safely treat non-urgent patients in-person, are increasingly turning to virtual visits and consults.

According to a recent research report, over 75% of U.S. hospitals are finding ways to connect with and care for patients remotely via channels like video, chat and email. In 2020, the telehealth market in the U.S. is expected to grow 80% year over year, reaching $10 billion, and the report indicates that investments in telehealth will continue to grow in the following years.

The Challenge: Delivering Quality Software During the COVID-19 Telehealth Boom

For one OverOps customer, telehealth patients have increased 10X during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a leading HMO and healthcare provider servicing 12+ million members at hundreds of medical offices across the U.S., the company’s engineering team is tasked with  managing a broad suite of software applications. These include everything from electronic medical records, to personalized patient portals. 

Within the applications, members can view their latest appointments, get reminders about regular checkups and medicines and conduct video conference visits with their doctor. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, OverOps has emerged as a critical tool in ensuring the success of the company’s telehealth business. With the recent spike in application user volume, there is even greater need than usual to deliver a seamless patient experience. 

Trying to detect and replicate issues within a HIPAA compliant environment is an almost impossible task, and access to production environments is limited. As a result, when an issue occurs, the development team often spends days trying to recreate and resolve the error. When an issue occurs among a small group of users, the team would spend a lot of time searching for an answer in shallow log files and performance monitoring applications. 

In the cases where they weren’t able to trace the source of the issue, they would add more statements to the next release, resulting in excess overhead, sometimes even reaching out to patients to get more context. This process could take days, or even months, and takes a toll on the application, the patient experience and company’s roadmap – amplifying challenges during an already trying time.

The Solution: Continuous Reliability with OverOps

By analyzing code at runtime, OverOps helps the team immediately identify and resolve issues as they occur, so they don’t have to rely on customer complaints to discover errors, or spend time troubleshooting rather than building new features. With OverOps, the developers no longer have to spend a big portion of their day sifting through logs and debugging issues, and instead can focus on writing new code and features. 

In one instance, the team was experiencing a plugin error that led to several issues within their patient telehealth application, but reviewing logs didn’t provide enough information. By reviewing OverOps dashboard they were immediately able to see the root cause, identifying a major inefficiency in the code’s handling of certain values. 

OverOps has helped to reduce the mean time to resolve issues, as well as eliminate one of the engineering organization’s biggest pain points: tracking errors and exceptions derived from the users’ actions and data.

Learn more about how healthcare organizations and teams across other industries are leveraging OverOps to support new business demands, and see for yourself how OverOps can help your team deploy code changes with confidence.

Nicole is a communications and product marketing manager at OverOps. Her expertise includes technologies ranging from artificial intelligence and predictive analysis to DevOps, incident management and more.

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