Announcing CI/CD Pipeline Support for GitLab

 ● 23rd Jun 2020

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OverOps partners with GitLab to help enterprises balance speed and reliability in the CI/CD pipeline.

Today, we’re excited to launch our new integration with GitLab and announce that we’re joining the GitLab Technology Partner Program! Read the full announcement here.

Now, more than ever, it’s not only tech companies who rely on applications for delivering value to their customers. Financial services institutions, healthcare providers and the public sector are all becoming increasingly dependent on software to grow and compete, as well as to sustain their business. As a result, software engineering teams are facing increasing pressure to deliver software faster, and are looking to automate their workflows.

In line with this increase in reliance on mission-critical applications is the increase in cost of application errors, which becomes a greater challenge as the risk of introducing new errors grows with the speed and complexity of new releases. In fact, the 2020 State of Software Quality Survey Report found that despite organizations investing heavily in testing and QA, over 50% still encounter critical or customer-impacting issues in production at least once a month!

This is why we’re expanding on our “Shift Left” use case, to help engineering teams identify and resolve critical runtime errors before they reach customers in production. A key partner for us in this journey is GitLab, and we’re proud to partner with them and join their community of technology partners.

Looking for a TL;DR? Watch this 2min video to get a quick overview of the integration:

Why GitLab?

GitLab’s vision to greatly increase the rate of human progress aligns well with the OverOps vision of Continuous Reliability. Helping drive innovation with rapid releases by ensuring that code is always in a deployable state, even in the face of thousands of development teams making changes on a daily basis.

When we shared the results of Snyk’s JVM Ecosystem Survey, one of the key findings was that GitLab’s platform continues to gain traction and rise in popularity. And not just for SCM (Source Control Management) which was their initial call to fame, but also for their CI/CD pipelines solution. At the same time, we started receiving requests to integrate from our existing and prospective customers, and GitLab’s Alliances team made it easy for us to collaborate and develop this new integration.

Better Together

Using OverOps together with GitLab allows teams to go beyond testing and static analysis to prevent customer impacting issues from reaching production:

1. Block a release when critical runtime errors are detected.

As new releases are being tested throughout the CI/CD pipeline, OverOps analyzes code as it executes and provides a quality report with customizable code quality gates.

2. Detect new, critical and resurfaced errors.

With our runtime code analysis technology, OverOps has the unique ability to identify which errors are new, critical or resurfaced, regardless of whether they were tested for, logged, or caught by the application. 

3. Get the complete context required to resolve any error.

For each error, OverOps delivers the stack trace, source code and variable state, including relevant TRACE and DEBUG level logs – even if they were turned off – together with the state of the host/container from the moment of error.

We’re just getting started

Integrating with GitLab’s CI/CD pipelines is only the first step in our journey together and we have more exciting product announcements coming later this year that will double down on how we integrate with the solutions you’re already using along the software delivery pipeline. 

We hope that you find this new addition useful to your workflow! To learn more about OverOps and GitLab, register for our co-hosted live webinar on July 22nd and find out how you can ensure that your code is production-ready.

Can’t wait to try it yourself? Our GitLab integration is available for all OverOps customers and the  documentation for setting it up is available here

New to OverOps? Request a personal demo of our Gitlab integration or start a free trial.

Alex is the Director of Product Marketing at OverOps. As an engineer-turned-marketer, he is passionate about transforming complex topics into simple narratives and using his experience to help software engineering navigate their way through the crowded DevOps landscape.

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