Conference Season Mic Drop: 13 Java Talks That You Shouldn’t Miss

 ● 06th Oct 2016

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Your boss didn’t send you to a real conference? We’ve got the best talks for you

The month of September is known for a few major events: first day of fall, and even national bacon day. It’s also one of the busiest months when it comes to conferences, with some big Java events that cover new and important updates to the platform.
In the following post we’ve gathered some of the most interesting, important and insightful talks from 3 top events. So grab some popcorn, it’s show time.

What’s New in Java

There are 3 major Java events that occur in September:

Even if you didn’t get a chance to attend one (or all) of these events, you can find every talk, lecture and even hands-on sessions online. But how can you pick which videos you should watch?
Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We picked the top talks from each event, and all you have to do is put on your headphones, sit back and enjoy.


JavaOne is the official annual Java event, held by Oracle. It focuses on developers and presents new technologies, technical sessions and usually marks what will be the new hot topics in the Java world.

JDK 9 Language, Tooling, and Library Features – Joseph D. Darcy

Modularity support from Project Jigsaw is the largest change coming in Java 9, but there are a few more updates worth mentioning, such as new tools and libraries. In his talk, Joseph D. Darcy, member of the technical staff at Oracle, covers the main improvements that are coming to Java.

Java Libraries You Can’t Afford to Miss – Andres Almiray

Andres Almiray, a Java/Groovy developer and a Java Champion, covers some of the popular libraries that should be in every developer’s toolbox, along with some new libraries that are bound to make a big impact in the ecosystem.

Docker for Java Developers – Arun Gupta

If you’re interested in containers, Docker is a technology you’re probably familiar with. In his talk, Arun Gupta, VP developer relations at Couchbase, explains how Docker can help Java developers, and how Docker’s PODA (package once, deploy anywhere) complements Java’s WORA (write once, run anywhere).

Am I Reading Garbage Collection Logs Correctly? – Ram Lakshmanan

There are quite a few different formats when it comes to Garbage Collection logs, and they vary according to the vendor, version, algorithm and JVM options. Ram Lakshmanan, Founder of & wants to teach us how to analyze several different GC log formats, and how to spot problems in those logs instantly.

Click here for the full list of JavaOne videos


JavaZone is organized by the community with cooperation of javaBin, a Norwegian Java User Group. The conference is made by the community, for the community and it’s a yearly event that takes place in Oslo, Norway.

The Secret Sauce of Successful Teams – Sven Peters

Sven Peters, evangelist at Atlassian, talks about the struggle of building and working as a team. In his talk he points out what high performance teams do differently, what goals they set, how they monitor and improve team health, and shares some techniques to help you achieve a successful team.

The Uncomfortable Truth of Bad Code – Stian Grenborgen

Stian Grenborgen is a Java developer and software architect at Sopra Steria, and in his talk he shares some scary examples of bad code. Stian analyzed scary bits of bad code in order to see how it came to be, and his goal is to teach you how to avoid making the same mistakes in your own code.

Nobody Puts Java in the Container – Ken Sipe

It seems that everyone talks about containers, but do we really understand how they work? Ken Sipe, a cloud solution architect at Mesosphere gives a complete overview of containers. He starts from the anatomy of a container, through Java’s memory management and GC characteristics.

Code Review Matters and Manners – Maria Khalusova and Trisha Gee

Maria Khalusova, a JetBrains veteran and Product Marketing Manager in Upsource, along with Trisha Gee, Developer Advocate for JetBrains and a Java Champion, talk about why code review matters and how you should handle it. This talk will answer questions such as “what’s involved in a good code review?” or “what kind of problems do we want to spot and address?”.

Bonus: JavaZone Productions

One of the things JavaZone is known for, is their parody trailers for each conference. While these videos are “old news”, you have to check out Lady Java, Javapocalypse, Writing Bad, Game of Codes and all of their great productions in the following link.

Click here for the full list of JavaZone videos

Strange Loop

Strange Loop aims to bring together developers and thinkers in fields such as emerging languages, alternative databases, concurrency, distributed systems, security, and the web, while focusing on the tech itself, and not on the process.

Is It A Bug Or Is It A Story? – Nicola Hughes

While we look at bugs as something that needs fixing, Nicola Hughes, a developer at ThoughtWorks, believes some of them hold fantastic insights that you can learn from.

Project Jigsaw in JDK 9: Modularity Comes To Java – Simon Ritter

Project Jigsaw will bring modularity to Java, and Simon Ritter, the Deputy CTO of Azul Systems wants to show you how it will actually work. In his talk, Simon explains the impact project Jigsaw will have on developers in terms of building applications, as well as understanding how things will change in JDK 9.

Systems Programming as a Swiss Army Knife – Julia Evans

Julia Evans, infrastructure developer at Stripe, believes that understanding the basics about kernels and systems programming makes you a better developer. That’s why she wants to help you use this knowledge when debugging your normal everyday programs.

Debugging Diversity – Anjuan Simmons

Anjuan Simmons, technical program manager at Assemble Systems thinks that the skills needed to debug software are directly applicable to making technology companies more inclusive and diverse. He talks about how companies can understand the magnitude of the problem and how they can help fix it.

Caching at Netflix: The Hidden Microservice – Scott Mansfield

Netflix is well known for its microservice model, but within the layers of dependencies is a hidden service: the caching layer. Scott Mansfield, a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix, explains how caches play a role in every interaction inside a typical customer experience. Scott also presents the open components inside the company’s caching layer, also known as EVCache.

Click here for the full list of Strange Loop videos

You Should Also Watch These

Along with these great technology and DevOps oriented talks, there are some other videos that might interest you:

Java Community Keynote

The Java community keynote features Stephen Chin, Java Community Manager at Oracle, Fabiane Nardon, Chief Scientist at TailTarget and Mirja Wellmann, an Artist. It has a Star Wars meets Java theme, and it’s definitely worth checking out:

Ask the JDK Architects

Brian Goetz, Mark Reinhold and John Rose, Java architects at Oracle, gave the audience a chance to ask them anything. There are some interesting questions from the crowd that cover the ecosystem, new developments, interesting features and more.

Women in Technology Panel

We find ourselves asking the same question in every conference: “Where are the women?”. Turns out we’re not the only ones concerned about this. In the following panel, Yolande Poirier, marketing manager at Oracle, talks with some of the major names in the Java world: Yara Senger, co-founder and director of GlobalCode, Fabiane Nardon, Chief Scientist at TailTarget, Ixchel Ruiz, Software Engineer at Canoo Engineering and Trisha Gee, Developer Advocate for JetBrains, about how to attract more women to speak at conferences.

Final Thoughts

In each conference we can find a long list of topics, speakers and sessions that revolve around Java. There’s always something new that we can learn and apply in our code or workflow, and these online talks can help us stay updated, even if we miss the actual conference.
If you think there are other videos or talks we should check out, we would love to hear about them in the comments below.

Henn is a marketing manager at OverOps covering topics related to Java, Scala and everything in between. She is a lover of gadgets, apps, technology and tea.

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