7 Talks to Add to Your Schedule at DevNexus 2019

 ● 04th Mar 2019

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It’s hot, it’s relevant, and it’s the second largest Java conference in the nation. It’s DevNexus, the conference by developers for developers.

Hosted this year in the bustling hub of Atlanta from March 6-8, this is where developers come to see what others are developing, learn about the latest technologies and find out what’s coming down the pike. This sold out event has it all: It’s interactive, it’s fun and developers love it. Listen to experts speak on what matters to you and your current projects. Join other developers to hang out, network and learn from each other. Here are 7 talks to keep your eye on during this can’t-miss event.

Busy Developer’s Guide to Virtual Machines

Ever heard a computational philosopher’s point of view? Come hang out as Ted Neward of Smartsheet whips up a virtual machine out of thin air.
Tools and Techniques | 106 | 10:00 Thursday, March 7



What You Need to Know About Open Source

When software engineer meets attorney, you can finally learn all the implications to you and your organization of protecting your code and using others’ code. Join the discussion where Jeff Strauss, software developer and lawyer, talks about using, modifying and sharing another’s creation under various OSS licenses.
Practices and Other Tech | 103 | 11:20 Thursday, March 7



Code ‘n Coffee

It’s the savvy developers who can keep their eyes on the big goals. Reach your career goals while pursuing excellence in your current career track. Join Heather VanCura, Director of the JCP, and other special guests for Code ‘n Coffee. Bonus: RSVP here for a special gift.
#CodeNCoffee | Ballroom A | 8:00 Thursday, March 7



Micronaut: The New Wiz on the Block

“Happy Birthday to you….” Micronaut is so new, it’s just celebrating its first official birthday this month. So it stands to reason you’re dying to know what this modern framework can handle and how well it performs building microservice and serverless applications. Just after lunch, satisfy your curiosity about the all-new Micronaut, and find out what it can do for you.
2GM | 115 | 13:20 Thursday, March 7



Micronaut and Alexa

Next, dig deeper into Micronaut and see how it can make your home smarter. Bring your developer skills home and learn to make the Amazon Echo do tricks for you (or at least, tell jokes, help you cook and otherwise control your home). This session will be the best show-and-tell experience you’ve had since childhood as Ryan Vanderwerf demonstrates how to use Micronaut to build Alexa skills.
2GM | 115 | 13:20 Friday, March 8



Leadership for the Reluctant Leader

As developers, our stereotypical go-to is to hide happily behind lines of code. But becoming a leader doesn’t mean you have to be loud or outgoing. Microsoft MVP David Neal dispels some of the myths surrounding leadership and explores what real leadership might look like for you. Plus, he’ll talk about the subsequent effect it has on you, your family, your workplace and your community.
Keynotes | Exhibition Hall D | 9:00 Friday, March 8



Please pass the salt: Serve up passwords with a side of entropy

Think your company isn’t worth hacking? Think again. It’s time to devote a little more diligence to your passwords. Find out how to beef up your first line of defense and stay secure with a better understanding of crypto best practices, gained in this talk by Ortus Solutions software architect Brad Wood.
Security | Ballroom C | 10:00 Friday, March 8




Continuous Reliability: An agile process to deliver higher quality applications

Our very own Eric Mizell, VP of Solution Engineering at OverOps, covers the great back and forth between agility and stability that organizations face on a daily basis. With CI/CD, we’ve been able to account for agility but often at the cost of stability. Continuous Reliability (CR) is the other half of the equation, and Eric will demonstrate how to embed it into your organization to overcome this paradox.

Practices and Other Tech | 103 | 16:00 Friday, March 8

These talks are just a few of the many you can expect at this year’s DevNexus. Check out the schedule and plan your days for this exciting event.

Nick heads up events at OverOps, so you’ll probably see him on the road at conferences, meetups & summits throughout the year. If you do, be sure to say hi! When he’s home in SF, Nick likes to hike, cook, and play board games with friends.

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